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Originally Posted by Steve King
OK out of the 20K people on this site I wonder how many own a Ferrari. Whats the guess here 50% , 75 or less.
One of the cool things about this Ferrari forum is that it can spread Ferrari's popularity to a new audience in a positive, fact-filled manner.

This forum educates. It speeds up maintenance diagnostics, cuts maintenance costs, improves safety, speed, and looks, etc.

Potential new owners can come here to learn about the marque in a way that is easier than just jumping in with both feet.

Joe Average isn't typically (exceptions always abound) going to research purchasing a Ford/Honda/Chevy/Mercedes/Toyota...but this forum lets dreamers have a glimpse of reality without charging them the entry-level sticker price for said education.

That's cool!

You want to build an enthusiasts' enthusiast's marque. That makes the cars themselves more valuable, makes the experience richer, makes the downside lower, and helps build a sense of community.

And the Tire Kickers of the world need to know that the cost of entry isn't the real hurdle (among other things). In the U.S. and several other developed nations, Joe Average can **easily** afford to buy a used Ferrari, but driving said car safely (skills, maintenance) and enjoyably adds up to more than just paying $15,000 for a 1977 308 GT4 ( or paying $26,500 for a 1980 308 GTSi ( or paying $25,000 for a 1984 400i ( or paying $27k for a 1988 Mondial (

So I don't know that I'd place too much (some, OK) emphasis on those here who do or don't own the marque yet. The barrier to entry isn't that high, and in my opinion more of that "barrier" is **knowledge** rather than initial purchase price.

...And "knowledge" is what this site delivers. This chat forum knocks down the biggest barrier to Ferrari ownership.

That's a good thing, by the way.

If for nothing else, getting people to get these fine cars out on the roads rather than cloistered away in dark garages or out-of-the-way dealerships improves the very appearances of our streets.

Ferrari's are rolling art, after all. Art is to be seen and enjoyed by all, owners and admirers alike. I don't care if Joe Average makes $30,000 or $30 Million per year...but I'd prefer that in either case that he drives something that improves the looks of our roads.

Warren Buffett can make and spend money by the armload, but he drives a clunker pickup that detracts from the looks of Nebraska roads. That sort of aesthetic disrespect for our environment is deplorable, especially for someone of means. He may be wealthy, but he'll die without knowing beauty...a waste.

The opposite side of the spectrum might be the military kid who goes on a 6 month submarine cruise where he **can't** spend any money...comes home and pays cash for a pretty Ferrari Mondial...reads F-chat...does his own maintenance...and enjoys the beauty of the marque each day.

That kid is **alive** in a way that Warren Buffett will never know. His world is prettier than Buffett will ever experience. More fun, too.

I want to see more of those kids and fewer of the rich types who disdain beauty in their lives. Do you want more Leona Helmsley's in this world, or more Xzibit's?!

Who is having more fun?!
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