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Trying to get my bearings

I needed a bearing for my Dino gearbox.

I hopped on Ferrari UK, and ouch, 370 GBP +-

So, off to Dennis McCann's website $510 USD Double Ouch.

Off to the mechanic. grab a caliper, measure the bearing, get the bearing # off the original. It's RIV - bought out by SKF in the 80's, so no luck there.

Finally spend some time on the SKF site, searching for the right bearing, get a number, call my bearing supplier, have him check to make sure it's what I want and.....................

$81.50 USD.

I dunno, I was more than willing to spring the $500+ until I did some digging, thinking, "I've never seen a $500 bearing, it must be something really special."

Nope, just a good old high speed, high load roller bearing.

I guess we pay for their expertise in looking the bearing up on a chart, right?

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