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Originally Posted by No Doubt View Post
Thanks. That's a very valuable and worthy point. I remember reading sometime back your thread on a TR engine failure that was going to go to the mat or otherwise have war raged while the car sat parked in the meantime.

Perhaps you'd be so kind as to start a new thread not on that per se, but on Ferrari paying for an engine rebuild 18 years out of warranty, and what processes were involved (e.g. where parts were purchased, what was done after the failure to get Ferrari to step up to the plate, etc.).

Surely such a thread could serve as a beginning blueprint for other Ferrari owners to consider following if they want a shot at getting a similar response from Ferrari.
It is very simple, Ferrari parts come with a warranty, just like the cars. In many cases there is no doubt that due to the nature of the part that it has a low probability of causing problems when it fails but things like timing belts, oil filters, use you imagination, are worth paying for Ricambi Originali. Vendors like Ricambi America are good also because he is selling the stuff in yellow boxes.

As far as getting coverage the warranty says Ferrari will pay P+L if installed by a dealer and P only if not. Also it says they are not responsible for consequential damage. Thats B.S. and they know it. They like to throw their weight around and intimidate because of their name. A number of the folks at 250 Sylvan Ave know me anyway and since I have left the dealer world they and I have been round and round and they know that doesn't work well here so they don't even try anymore. Anyway you just need to prove to a mechanical certainty that their part failed to perform it's intended function and that it was not compromised by external forces. They really have little choice. They are selling a product with an implied promise that it will perform a function. Just prove it does not.

The deal on the TR was handled over the phone and a few emails. At one point they sent an old friend over from FSF to eyes on the part and the deal was done. A couple of days later I got a check. I love cashing the ones from FNA.

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