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Originally Posted by rcraig View Post
...Does anyone have same type drawing and instructions for earlier 78-79 system?
The figure & text in post #1 (page D7 in the 308GT4 WSM) and page D6 are for the earlier system -- here it is with a little more explanation and a good photo that another FChatter posted before:
308 Clutch adjust page D7 with pic and text.jpg

1. Disconnect turnbuckle 4 from arm 1 by removing the clevis pin

2. Adjust the length of turnbuckle 2 to line up the holes in the photo (when the locknuts on the ends are loosened, and sleeve 2 is rotated, the length will change because one end is a LH thread and the other end is a RH thread)

3. Then, with the clevis pin still removed that holds turnbuckle 4 onto arm 1, adjust the length of turnbuckle 4 so that the hole in the clevis is ~3mm (1/2 of the 6mm hole size) forward of the hole in arm 1 when lightly pushing turnbuckle 4 forward in the direction of actuation (i.e., when the throwout bearing is contacting the pressure plate).

4. When you then reinstall the clevis pin to connect the clevis on turnbuckle 4 to arm 1, this moves the throwout bearing away from the pressure plate to the specified 2mm distance (on page D6).

The locknuts on both turnbuckle 2 and turnbuckle 4 are of the RH and LH variety so make sure that you turn them the correct directions to loosen/tighten.

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