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Originally Posted by jcosta79 View Post
First off I have no horse in this race either way. I am not for or against Refined Marques. I simply stumbled across this thread.

A couple of things I have noticed:

1) There is nothing wrong with being a broker, if that's what Refined Marques is. However it looks as if they (he?) are trying to come across as a full-fledged dealer. A dealer means you have possession of the cars and that you own them. If this is the case, it should be simple to just go out and take a picture of the showroom and/or all the cars together. The fact that the website has nothing but pictures of cars in other dealerships or even stock advertising photos from the manufacturers themselves is very disturbing.

2) If RM is in fact a dealer, I assume that they are just as interested in PURCHASING cars as they are selling them. Is RM looking to purchase any exotics? Will they take my exotic in trade?

3) A Google satellite view of the address they provide on their website (they even have a Google Maps pushpin marking their address on a map) shows a residential neighborhood. Very nice houses with swimming pools. No large buildings that could house a bunch of cars though.

Again, if RM is a broker, that is fine. There is no shame in that. But I can't see them being a legitimate dealer. Just my $0.02.

on the google satellite view as you said its the office where we have one full floor and in underground parking few cars are parked in (and of course you can't see that by satellite). and most of the cars are either kept in free trade areas or some are kept with other dealers with agreements that we have with them. and those are confidential agreements which we dont disclose.

so you can come and pay us a visit if you want to, so you can see it.

it's like you are going to see HEINZ and ask them there secret receipe, what do you think the answer will be?

and being at that residential area is for various reasons, first security, second when we have VIP or celebreties coming then you cant go through the 2 gates and security or media to be able to film and there are 3 entries for the office, so we are quite sure of not atteacting too much attention when clients walk in and out.

and Europe is not the same as in america, that we have to park cars in and out to be so called dealer or selling cars. and we have another approach of how we do our business. so of course looking from outside and not asking but assuming stupid assumptions like some do in this chat, they can talk loads of **** but they dont know details, so thats why our answers come through media coverage that is been done on us.

and very soon you will be hearing something about us, to make all those idiots that just talk none sense and insult shut up for good; and of course they will try to say or add some more to get a subject out or make a stupid comment.