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Posts: 4 by Ahmed Al Bakry - Scumbag
I'm a freelance car designer from Canada and have done several wheel designs and bodykit for various tuner companies over the years. In 2011, I designed and rendered a Ferrari 458 Italia GT Concept Kit (as seen by my first post a year ago: as a concept study and published it on my website ( to showcase my designs and rendering abilities. This man Ahmed Al Bakry, claiming to represent some French car dealer and claiming to be an actual Ferrari 458 Italia owner approached me with these e-mails:

First E-mail:


is it only exterior kit?
or do you also tune the engine?

can you please send he some picutres of hte exterior and interior to look

take care
Ahmed AL-Bakry
PDG / Chairman
Star Electric Cars France LTD
Tel: +33.(0).
Fax: +33.(0).

Second E-mail:
Dear Sir

i am very much interested in the Ferrari 458 Italia GT that you have on your site in yellow colour.

i would like ot ask about the price of the modification on an actual Ferrari 458 which could be sent to you to make it.
how much does it cost?
do you make an tuning to the engine?
.... etc.

do you also make hte interior?
if yes can you please send me picutres. to see how does the interior looks like.
i would like to have my car done in the same way. perfect job, super nice, your a genious and a sporty classy taste

i would like to know the full price to make my Ferrari 458 like hte yellow one?

waiting for your reply

Ahmed AL-Bakry
PDG / Chairman
Star Electric Cars France LTD
Tel: +33.(0).
Fax: +33.(0).

I replied:

> Ahmed,
> Unfortunately, the Ferrai 458 Italia GT Kit is still under development.
> I'm still looking for a manufacturer and supplier who can build a
> prototype/final product. I will let you know as soon as the project goes
> forward and will accept orders. Thank you for your interest.
> Regards,
> John Mark Vicente
> designer | | 604.551.8267

He then goes on to call me to really inquire about the bodykit design and how he was serious to make a deposit and connect me to a manufacturer in Europe who will build it for his car. But before that, he wanted to see the car in black. As I had numerous renders of this car already, I sent him a couple of black renderings to give him an idea. I kept optimistic and professional about the whole situation but then the whole "deal" he wanted to pursue was buried and forgotten in the last year.

Fast forward to present day, I was tipped off by another Lamborghini owner that was familiar with my Ferrari kit and notified me that he saw it for sale on Ahmed's website

As I recall, I had no other contacts with this man and never gave him to use my images to showcase them on to his dealer website. All along I thought he was an actual 458 Italia owner just asking for a quote about my design.

Now, on all of my renders published online, I have my signature information along with my e-mail and website address as a watermark identification to all my published designs. I noticed that Ahmed has cropped them out and placed them on his website for sale.

On the black renderings I sent him a year ago. I found them with his website plastered on it now being advertised on his Facebook fanpage as seen here:


I politely e-mailed him asking him to take down the images through his e-mail account ( and that I did not authorize him to use my images to be used for his business. After no response, I ****ted on his Facebook page and spammed how he had no authority to use my images and I gave him no permission to claim that the 458 Italia car with my bodykit design was for his to sell.

He took off all my comments on his Facebook page and disabled his comment feature. He goes on to finally call me and I confronted him that we had no deal for him to try and sell my design nor gave him permission to have my images to be used for his business. After I continuously called him out on his unprofessional practice, he broke and resulted to badmouth me insinuating that:

"I will be sorry"
"To watch my back"
"He will make ONE phone call to bury me"
"Have his lawyers sue me"
"Make me disappear"
"To write him a letter of an apology (LOL)"
"He will do something extremely drastic to hurt me"

After I kept irritating him by asking him what exactly he is going to do over and over again, he hung up.

Then he further goes on to harass me on further e-mails calling me:

"a barking little dog"
"you really are pathetic. best of luck.. if u watch uk tv be sure to see footage of the next autolegends show. prick"

On the contrary, I'm not here to claim that I designed the 458 Italia but I did however spend a lot of time to conceptualize and render the actual 458 Italia GT Concept Kit images for my portfolio. I am also aware that when I upload my designs on the internet there will be people like Ahmed who will steal these designs and claim it for themselves. I can call them out no problem and it's not that big of a deal for me. It has happened before and have contacted these people and compromised peaceful resolutions. But when you have scumbags like Ahmed, personally calling me and making these death threats, it becomes serious matter.

I do intend to work with the right, reputable, and honest manufacturer to make this concept into a realization one day. But when you have these scumbags trying to lure you to give them what they want and do something with it behind your back, like use your portfolio images and claim it that it's their design disregarding the credit to the original designer, they deserve to be exposed to show everyone about their malicious form of practice. Not to mention he is trying to sell a car that doesn't even exist.

I did research him and his company and found out he has done the same to some members on here. After further a few google searches I eventually found out that he has scammed other people. I'd like to make this post and invite everyone else manipulated by this man to share their stories.
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