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Welcome to Velostrada

Welcome everyone and thanks for taking the time to check out FerrariChat’s new monthly online publication.  In case you were wondering, this whole thing was cooked up by Rob, who wanted to add even more value to the Silver and Rossa subscriptions.  [read the complete article]

ED’S FACT-FREE DIET – Edwin K. Niles

Hot Out of the Oven Into the…

Now that I have my brain cells down to a manageable size, I thought I should tell a few more stories.  Remember, these stories are fact-free.

At a meeting of the International Registry of Geezers in August (which coincided with the great Ferrari meet in Monterey) I had a little chat with Dick Merritt.  It turns out Dick and I are at the point in our lives when it is easier to remember what happened in 1965 than what happened last month.   [read the complete article]


All Eyes Turn to Maranello

You can bet that, come June 28, Ferrari market watchers the world over will be holding their breath as more than half a dozen A-tier competition Ferraris from the 1950s and 1960s are paraded across the block at the upcoming “Sotheby’s at Ferrari” auction taking place in the F-car capital itself.  Haven’t caught the buzz yet?  You will.   [read the complete article]

SHEEHAN’S CORNER – Michael Sheehan (

Competizione Daytonas from $300,000 to $2,000,000

It may seem that the Ferrari Daytona was always destined for a racing career. Its fabled name came from the internal designation for the new 365 GTB/4 coupe, a tribute to the 1-2-3 victory of the Ferrari 330 P4s at the 1967 Daytona 24 hours. Yet checkered flags couldn’t have been further from the factory’s plan for the 365 GTB/4.   [read the complete article]

Pay to Play or Walk Away

Greg Garrison was the producer of the Dean Martin show from its beginning in 1965 through the show’s last airing in 1974 and directed almost 4,000 different television shows during his long career, including highlights such as the 1960 presidential debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.   [read the complete article]

MAKING THE TURN – A Revolving Editorial


Beginning with the second issue of Velostrada, we’ll be publishing an editorial, written each time by a different subscribed Ferrari-Chat user, on all topics relative to Ferraris and  At this time, we’d like to welcome your submission for next month’s issue.   [read the complete article]


Buying Your First Ferrari Written by Erik C. Nielsen

Since this is my first article for the first issue of F-Chat’s new magazine, I might as well start at the beginning rather than get into something esoteric. I could go into which way a fuel line clamp should be placed on an inside plug 250 PF Coupe, but that would probably put all but three people to sleep.  And the three remaining people would probably have four different opinions.  Six, if there is alcohol involved.   [read the complete article]

Second Chances Written by Matt Lemus

To understand this story, you need to put yourself at a place and time in your life when events, in or out of your control, take over and push you to the point of wanting to find a release.  Any release.

This is not about finding excuses or looking for an inner child.  It’s about finding out more about yourself than you ever thought was possible.  
[read the complete article]

Analysis Paralysis Written by UroTrash

I wish I could write a little essay on a technical issue having to do with my Ferrari. I’d love to write about the pitfalls and tricks associated with removing the oil filter or replacing the gearbox oil. I'd love to tell you about controlled over steer through deceasing radius curves. But I can’t.

That’s because I don’t have a Ferrari.   [read the complete article] 

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