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  1. PetMar
    Waw, Erwin! A pic from heaven. Here it has my licenseplates, ready for delivery! I got the car june 18. Today, I took it for a drive and just got my first 1k miles. Running better and better....
  2. fjamo
    Nice colour combination
  3. jkstevens2
    I drove thru 9 national parks this summer and wished I had my 3.2 Mondial in a toy hauler on the back every minute! I had to settle for a jeep wrangler, ha, ha. Your pictures are awesome and make...
  4. crinoid
    This at Norwood I’m guessing
  5. bay
    Vic Elford / David Stone Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Competizione 14437 , tour de France 1971 .