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  1. Patrick Mitchelli
    I assured this Guy I was not going to part this out.. He sold it to me for $5000.00 ! Plenty of room for a good restoration and not be upside down..
  2. Artem shypulya
    La fidanzata a Totti prima di andare a letto: Die Verlobte von Totti vor dem Zubettgehen: "A maggico, 'sta notte 'ndo stai? Sopra o sotto?". "Mein Zauberer, wo schläfst Du heute nacht, oben oder...
  3. francescafabspeed
  4. gbutler911
    Thanks! I agree. When I first bought this car I was a bit skeptical of the color. After riding in it just once I knew it was perfect.
  5. ThatPat
    There are very few cars that can carry off yellow...this is truly one of them! What a beauty!