Take A Ferrari Road Trip in New England This Fall

Take A Ferrari Road Trip in New England This Fall

Don't worry about the route, car, or accomodations. Just show up and drive!

So, you want to do a road trip but don’t want to bother with having to do the planning, make room reservations, find the best restaurants, etc.

Well, Canossa Events is launching a North American Touring Series that handles those details, leaving you to simply participate in its small-group road trip excursions.

Founded in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in 2011 by Luigi Orlandini, Canossa Events has grown to a staff of 130 and has joined the Motorsport Network to provide a global touring service under the banner of “There’s no road to happiness, happiness is the road.”

Canossa Events, which calls itself “Europe’s preeminent luxury automotive touring provider,” debuted in North America in 2019 and is back this fall with road trips in New England, the Southwest and California’s Central Coast.

source:, Canossa Events