Unique F430 Scuderia up for Auction from our Latest Sponsor, PCARMARKET

Feb 23, 2021

More than Ferraris, more than cars, this is an enthusiast marketplace for every car guy.

FerrariChat is pleased to introduce our latest sponsor, PCARMARKET, a true car enthusiast marketplace. Almost anyone can submit a car (or part/collectible) for sale, however it is surely curated for the sports car market. Sorry, you won’t find any Dodge Caravans here- that is, unless you have a pristine example with less than 1000 miles on it! But in all seriousness, PCARMARKET may have initially launched as a Porsche Marketplace, but now offers listings from a broad list of manufacturers of all eras.

For example, currently live on auction is a Ferrari F430 Scuderia, a 2002 Renault Clio ‘Lutecia’ V6, an 8K-mile 1972 Volvo P1800, and a 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Factory Slantnose, just to name few. So, you will surely find a car that fits your taste, and your budget too! As I mentioned before, they also feature parts and/or collectibles such as original factory signage and automotive art. The interactive and engaging formula PCARMARKET created is sure to make both buying and selling an enthusiast vehicle enjoyable and hassle-free.

The have both reserve and no-reserve auctions, plus they have what is called the DEALTANK where you can interact with the seller even after the auction. So let’s say a car doesn’t hit its reserve and doesn’t sell, well you can still make an offer and ask questions about the car. Almost all the cars in the DEALTANK have ‘buy now’ options, however some special cars take a little more effort, like this 1990 Ferrari Testarossa with only 166 miles. Yes, you read that correctly, 166 miles.

Speaking of Ferraris, you may have seen PCARMARKET advertise this gorgeous F430 Scuderia on FerrariChat. We all know how special this hardcore, track-focused monster is, but few have seen this spec. Blu Pozzi is always a fantastic color, and the gold accents really make this car shine. The wheels and stripes provide a nice balance of color. Blue and gold clearly make a great combo. This special spec doesn’t stop there though, as the auction page says “the cabin received personalized treatment from Ferrari Atelier with blue and Cuoio Alcantara upholstery accented by special stitching.” Considering this Scud only has 6100 miles, you’re looking at a rare example with many miles of enjoyment left.

So feel free to reach out and interact with PCARMARKET on the forums, and please welcome them to the community when you do. They are true car fanatics, and for all you closet Porsche guys, PCARMARKET does a podcast that appears to contain lots of Porsche talk, so you should give it a listen. To see all the lots and their DEALTANK, of course visit! We are happy to feature them as sponsors and we think you’ll be happy working with them, too.