Watch These Vintage European Race Cars Rally Through Italy

Watch These Vintage European Race Cars Rally Through Italy

7 minutes of great cars!

The ‘Cento Ore’ is a fantastic event for vintage race car owners that is part car rally and part competition. Yes there are ‘scenic routes with circuit races, hillclimbs on closed roads and unique evenings in astonishing locations…’, and they just had their 20th anniversary. Despite this year’s COVID turmoil, which hit Italy especially hard, the ‘Cento Ore’ had a phenomenal showing with some incredible rare vintage race cars! Check out the video above for the highlights!

If you are interested in the event, but don’t necessarily want to compete there is an option to just enjoy the routes and locations! Here’s an example of what is included in an event:

  • - 4 nights in well-selected 4*/4*S hotels (5 nights for foreign crews - 5* hotels with "superior upgrade" package);
  • - 4 lunches in strategic locations on the route;
  • - 4 exclusive evenings;
  • - Sport taxes and fees;
  • - Photographic service during the whole rally and a personal photo album to be collected at the end of the rally;
  • - Temporary licence for the foreign crews who compete in regularity;
  • - Baggage transportation service

Be sure to keep an eye out for 2021, and if you are interested in other European car rallies, please visit