Wanted 02-04 360 coupe with manual transmission, red with shields

Discussion in 'Ferraris' started by RoadTo458, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. RoadTo458

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    Sep 1, 2018
    Texas, USA
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    Jack Road

    I live in Texas and am in the market for a 02-04 360 coupe with manual transmission, red exterior with scuderia shields. Looking forward to knowing more about your car.

  2. PFSEX

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    Jun 30, 2006
    Las Vegas
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    John Ratto
    I have such an '04 coupe. A very nice one.

    Old age and physical problems may force me to sell it, something I would rather not do. I should know yes-or-no soon.

    I am interested in knowing how your search goes, and what you find available out there.

    In return I will answer any questions you may have - provide insight.

    Drop me an e-mail

    Good luck. 360s are great cars. First piece of advice is to buy a good one!!
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  3. PFSEX

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    Jun 30, 2006
    Las Vegas
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    John Ratto
    I thought you would have a lot of offers.

    360s must be firming up
  4. Jstephen

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    Jul 28, 2018
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    Bit of a lull in the market, 4 months ago you could count 4 or 5 of them meeting the description for sale. Right now it doesn't appear there's anything on the market that's a direct match.
  5. airbusdrvr

    airbusdrvr Rookie

    Oct 3, 2012
    I have a yellow/black int, 04 360 spider, 21k miles, shields, Daytona seats, perfect 430 wheels, all services up to date, new rotors/pads. $8000 stereo system that looks oem (have original radio too). Its a very nice car.
  6. JSinNOLA

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    Mar 18, 2002
    New Orleans
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    Are we reading the same thread? The original poster is looking for red coupe...
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  7. link410

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    Jan 22, 2017
    Hi, if you are still looking for a red 360, I have a 2002 Rosso Barchetta 6-speed. I am happy to discuss with you in detail and see if it is of interest to both parties. Drop me an email at
  8. ferraristyle1

    ferraristyle1 Karting
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    Aug 2, 2013
    Baltimore, MD
    I know you are looking for a coupe, but I have a spider matching your description for sale with a fresh major. Feel free to contact me
  9. Rosso007

    Rosso007 Rookie

    Nov 12, 2017
    Hello Jack,
    I have a 2000 Model Year, 360 Coupe, 6MT:
    - Racing Red / Black
    - Daytona Seats
    - Shields
    - Challenge Grill
    - Capristo level 3 exhaust (cat back)
    - Ride height lowered to Stradale height, full alignment
    - 11,750 miles
    - well documented
    - Clean Carfax
    - serviced regularly, last service 2018
    - last belt service 2015
    - tires “as new” replaced in 2015
    - books, tool kit, cover, two sets of keys (black fobs only)
    - very good condition, no dents, dings, scratches, front bumper could use a respray?
    - never tracked under my ownership
    - I’ve owned my Modena well over a decade and it’s a great Ferrari
    - Well cared for
    - Owner of another Ferrari, enthusiast owned
    Let me know if interested. I’m not listing the car anywhere, so no hurry to sell. I’d sell to a good “home”; someone who would enjoy the car too. I’d sell for ~$117K.
    Located in Los Angeles, California.

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