0202 A – Bought on Ebay - Long Lost Even-Numbered Comp Ferrari Found

Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by Marcel Massini, Jul 13, 2006.

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    I suppose in violation of Fchat-rules. Not much use in referring to them.

    My conclusion is that we can safely assume 0202A was a berlinetta when raced at Le Mans in 1952. I am curious to find out whether or not Tom Shaughnessy is going this way in restoring the car.
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    Although that auction is closed and the photos have been removed, I found 2 that were not and kept them for the forum. I don't know if this makes any difference now but I will provide them and the auction's description here for posterity:

    "1959 Devin Roadster.

    This a chance of a lifetime to own a super rare car that was the construction of a true genius, Bill Devin. Bill Devin was the sole individual who saw a market for small sleak cars that were affordable to almost all demographics. Devins were produced in the 50's and 60's. They were modelled after the popular Ferrari's of the day, such as the Ferris Buellers Day Off model. Mr. Devin, made these cars personally at his factory or sold kits for speed enthusiasts to build to their own specifications. I am not sure wether this particular car was one of the ones actually built by the man himself or was built by an enthusiast. I do however beleive this car was used for racing. It has a metal bumper which I'd imagine was used for bumping and drafting during a race. I bought this car near Columbia, SC and the man I bought it from had bought it in Sumter, SC. Both of the Carolina's have a rich racing history with tons of small and big tracks throughout. Sumter, SC has a speedway as well. The car is currently located in Batesburg, SC. I have tried to contact the speedway and am still trying to gather some history. I only wish this car could talk because man it looks fierce and awesome in person.

    This car is sitting on a chassis but has no engine. It also only has half a transmission in the back of the car. I do not think the rims are bent, but the tires are flat and I would not recommend using. The front axle turns properly. Has the original gas tank, but is not attached. Comes with two headlights and there brackets. The original floor boards are pretty much rusted through. There are pedals on the left of the side of the car. I was going to take the body of the car off the existing chassis and place it on another. It was popular for people to build these on corvair, and vw chassis.

    The fiberglass body is in good condition for its age. It has some thin spots but wouldn't take long to make stronger. The lines of the car look to be pretty much porportional. The back of the car is probably where it is the worst. Some of the fiberglass has busted off on the left side and there is no form to the taillights or exhaust that it probably had. There are what looks like two exhaust holes behind each front wheel well on both sides of the car. There is some sheet metal from the interior body. The interior of the car I believe was a red back in the day.

    I think this car may be a Devin D roadster, but I could totally be wrong. I saw an interesting article about someone that bought what they thought was a Devin off ebay and it turned out to be a chassis and body to a Ferrari worth $28.5 million. This is the only devin for sale on ebay I may add.

    Devins restored range in value from $15,000 to $150,000 which some of the SS models sell for.

    Please message me with any questions you may have about the car, and I will try and answer them to the best of my knowledge.

    I have no title to the car.

    The car is being sold as is and the buyer is 100% responsible for pick up of the car. I will try and help in anyway.

    Please be sure to check out all the pictures.

    A $500 dollar deposit is due within 24hrs of the auctions end."
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    Any status update on this amazing story?
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    Brian J Ormerod
    I'm new to this thread but have been very interested in the debate about the original body on 0202A - spyder or berlinetta. I think I have read the whole thread carefully but haven't spotted any suggestions as to the chassis number of the berlinetta car at Le Mans IF it wasn't 0202A.
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    Ferrari 340 Mexico Special (# 0202A) '1952 - wrote that the body has been installed on the car in 1955-1958. ??? Is it possible? If not, what kind of car?
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    Dave Powers
    Any updates on the restoration efforts from the King of Toasted Ponies (or others)?

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    Sold years ago.
    Now in Italy being re-whatever.

    Marcel Massini
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    george burgess
    Don't be fooled by this Devin body. Similar to the one on 0202A but holes & hinges on the back deck and the front side vent are not the same. Also seems to be left hand drive. tonga's crew
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    When you say in Italy, do you mean at the factory?
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    Dave Powers
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    Fortunately not.

    Marcel Massini

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