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    The former 250 PF Coupe 1241GT is for sale.

    Based on an original 250GT PF Coupe chassis (Tipo 508D) which is interchangeable with that of a 250 GT LWB California Spyder

    Correct-type subframe and bodywork expertly copied from chassis 1487GT (an original 250GT LWB California Spyder Competizione that was formerly part of the vendor´s collection)

    For many the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder – be it in LWB or SWB guise – is simply one if the most beautiful cars yet made. Though, it is the former variant which boasts the greater competition pedigree with a highly impressive 5th place overall during the 1959 Le Mans 24-hour and a class win at that year´s Sebring 12-hours. Of the fifty 250 GT California Spyder LWB cars made, just thirty-six are known to have been built with the preferred covered headlamps. A Competizione variant – chassis 1603 GT – sold for $ 18,150,000 in August 2016 so ownership is necessarily a select affair. The predecessor if this particular car, chassis 1241GT, has been fortunate enough to own dozens of Ferraris over the past five decasdes including a 250 GTO and the ex-Pedro Rodriguez 1959 250 GT California Spyder LWB Competizione which he meticulously restored during the late 1990s / early 2000s.

    Smitten by the enclosed headlamp-equipped ex- Rodriguez machine (chassis 1487GT), he determined to make a precise copy and commissioned a dimensionally accurate wooden body buck which took 3,000 hours to construct just by itself! A self-confessed perfectionist with a notorious eye for detail he spent years scouring the globe for correct accessories including door furniture, light units, instruments and even the correct boot lock. There was no question of using inauthentic parts even if they were destined to be out of sight so when a suitable fuel tank could not be located a facsimile was fabricated from scratch. A connoisseur of all things racing Horse he knew that the later California Spyder LWBs were underpinned by the same Tipo 508D chassis as the contemporary 250 GT Pinifarina Coupe (Albeit with a different subframe). Starting life as one of the latter, chassis 1241 GT thus required precious little alteration to serve as a donor (though, its brakes were upgraded to four-wheel-discs)
    Interestingly, the engine currently fitted to chassis 1241GT had previously been installed aboard chassis 1487GT when the predecessor first acquired it (and erroneously stamped up as `1487GT`). The precise origins of the 3-litre V12 remain a mystery despite a radiographic inspection carried out during 2003 suggesting 094C or perhaps 0944C as the internal engine number. However, it is dual distributor Tipo 128D inside plug unit of the same type that would have powered a California Spyder LWB when new. The gearbox is similarly period correct albeit that it has been upgraded with a fifth gear courtesy of renowned marque specialists GTO Engineering of Berkshire. Fabricated by Clive Smart of Shapercraft UK using the aforementioned body buck, the alloy coachwork was completed and mounted to chassis during 2003. Painted some two years later, the process of finding bits and pieces and having things done just so meant that the Ferrari was not UK registered until July 2009.

    Determined that `1430MU` should not only look, but also act, the part if a 250 GT California Spyder LWB, the predecessor dispatched it to a GTO Engineering in November 2015. Some ten months and over £ 90,000 later, the Ferrari had undergone a thorough engine overhaul
    (re-ground / balanced crankshaft, new cylinder liners, fresh high compression pistons, replacement bearing and timing chain etc) plus had attention paid to its cooling system, five- speed gearbox, rear leaf springs and back axle etc. Shake down by Kevin Jones of GTO Engineering including a trip to Prescott Hillclimb, chassis 1241GT started readily upon inspection and sounded decidedly healthy. It is difficult to overstate the amount of time and effort that has gone into transforming this 250GT from Pininfarina Coupe into a California Spyder LWB. 2017 it was shipped to it´s current owner. Offered for sale with Registration Document, Maryland Certificate if Title, Ferrari Owner´s Club dating letter, radiographic report, sheaf of GTO Engineering and numerous restoration photos.

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    This fake was last seen at the H&H Auction 29 March 2017.

    Marcel Massini
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    OP is not the seller of this car, he is just posting it for informational purposes.
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    Steven Robertson
    250 GT LWB California Spyder 1487GT.

    Although raced by Pedro Rodriguez, 1487GT did not have any Competizione features such as an alloy body, tipo 130 cams with 10 mm lift, or 40 mm carbs, so why is it referred to as the ex-Pedro Rodriguez 1959 250 GT California Spyder LWB Competizione?
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    Description on classicdriver has basically been copied and pasted from the one in the H&H auction catalog 2017...….

    Marcel Massini
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    I agree that this model is pleasing to the eye, but they are not comfortable to sit in. I have owned short and long WB. Interesting to me how much styling affects the price. If I were to drive a car of this vintage every day, I would actually prefer the PF coupe. Or a berlinetta.
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