Wanted 13+ 458 Coupe or Spider, not black/white/silver/grey with a not black interior

Discussion in 'Ferraris' started by rotate, Oct 22, 2019.

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    Fellow Fchat members,

    As the title alludes, I'm trying to find a 2013 or newer 458. I prefer a Berlinetta but would move on the right spider as well.

    The dream would be any blue, preferably TDF, on any shade of tan or red, but I am having a hard time even finding a bread and butter Red/Tan to my liking. A Verde British or any non lambo shade of green would be unreal (I know, beyond rare). Any color that is not black/white/silver/or grey on any interior color other than black would be great. Not concerned about miles unless abnormally high (30K+). Aware of market pricing from wholesale to retail and am comfortable on the level of a 13 coupe up to a 15 spider. I'm located in New York but anywhere in the continental US works. Only looking at clean vehicles without stories. Dealer or private is fine.

    Must have options:

    -LED wheel
    -JBL Upgraded Radio
    -Backup Camera
    -Red Valve covers (not carbon)

    Strongly Desired:

    -Full Electric Daytona seats with Heat
    -Front and rear sensors
    -Front Axle Lift

    Will be using the car more frequently than most so I'm more concerned with the comfort and convenience features than perhaps some would be. Understand most will shun the need for the speakers or axle lift but I live in Manhattan, some of my time is spent dawdling around at low speed and dodging potholes so both of those features are important. Carbon and wheel design (I don't mind the ninja stars) is not important to me.

    Any leads are very much appreciated.


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  4. rotate

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    Jan 6, 2006
    Just wanted to post an update before this thread falls into the annals of ancient history.

    Even though I was rather adamant about my color schemes I found a too good to pass up car at Ferrari of Long Island. Justin Ghaw has been incredible to work with and turned my trepidation towards buying from a dealer into genuine enthusiasm. He treated me like family every step of the way. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

    So, I'm getting a 2014 458 Italia Berlinetta Black on Black with white stitching everywhere (which made all the difference). Most pertinently for me, this car had every single option I was looking for. As an audiophile, much as I love the aria provided by the pipes out back, the JBL system was a must have as the stock speakers are severely lacking. It was incredible to me how few 458s specced this relatively cheap for Ferrari option. On top of that, the controversial axel lift was a nice plus for me living in Manhattan. I know I don't need it, but's it's so comforting to have. Full power seats with heating was big. I didn't just order a set of Michelin Pilot Alpine PA4s (snow tires) for nothing! I plan to use this car (in the cold, not in the snow at least deliberately) and having the heated seats--again a shockingly rare find on a 458--makes me that much more likely to use and enjoy the car during the dreary months, as I have it on nearly 100% of the time well into spring in my other cars. Finally, though a gimmick, my dream when I closed my eyes was the LED wheels and a yellow tach, and this car has both, plus a whole lot of carbon elsewhere. While I don't love carbon generally, I do like it in the 458 vs the standard trim. Shields, backup camera and front and rear sensors, and forged wheels round out the list. Finally, the car was a 1 owner vehicle, bought new at Ferrari of LI. Having never been to auction, while not meaningful from a financial value proposition, meant a lot to me.

    I will be wrapping the car British Racing Green and having the wheels powder coated bronze in the vein of the Pista wheel coloring. I have a set of ninja stars that I'm using for the winter.

    Thanks to all who reached out with suggestions.
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  5. Viper830tt

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    May 10, 2017
    Congrats! Remember to post pics, preferably beforeand after wrap. Funny how what you get can differ so much from what you initially expected.

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