1959 Scaglietti Corvette

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    True for the most part-still idiotic as every one of them immediately began to look for ways to circumnavigate the "ban". Although MB did remain out of motorsports for decades. Some thought the entire sport would be banned after that horrific crash.
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    Indeed. GM ban was 8 years after the Le Mans wreck. And they bailed on all forms of racing (except street ...).

    Awesome venue for #1! Car looks great!!
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    Recently found this interview with Shelby on Youtube where he talks about building the Scaglietti Corvette's and how Chevrolet was his preferred engine initially. The whole interview is great but the portion on how he started building cars starts around the 7:45 minute mark.

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    That's a great video, thanks for sharing!

    The red Scaglietti Corvette shown in the video is a car I owned for a while.
    I paid $150k for it in the early '90s and sold it a few years later, at auction (Scottsdale) where the Petersen Museum picked it up for the same amount.
    In this thread there's a mention about one of these cars with a price of almost a million, but I think that was just an asking price, and never sold for that, But that's just the way I remember it. However, the write-up about my car at the Petersen Museum mentions it as a "million-dollar" car, but it's in the permanent collection and not for sale. See

    I bought the car to go vintage racing, but after I drove it, the car was not at all a good racing machine... drove like a truck, so it just sat in my garage for the duration of my involvement.

    Pebble Beach invited me to display the car in '98, I believe. That was the year they were honoring Sergio Scaglietti's designs, and he came over from Italy for the occasion. He couldn't speak any English, but somehow I arranged for him to see his car again after all these years, and I got him to autograph under the hood. There's another signature under the hood, and I'm unsure who it was, Gary Laughlin, Jim Hall, or Carroll Shelby, but if you go to the Petersen Museum, please take a photo and post it here, so we all know.

    Here's another story on the cars:
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