1960's Maserati Carpet

Discussion in 'Maserati' started by JulianMerak, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. JulianMerak

    JulianMerak Formula 3

    I was wondering if anyone can suggest a really good match for the majority of the black carpet used in a 1968 Ghibli? I have received a sample of Wilton II carpet which matches the smaller weave of the carpet used inside the small stowage boxes [ under the rear seat area ] but the scale seems much smaller than the main carpets in the interior and bootfloor.
    Here are some images that show the new sample and the original
    Any assistance or hints gratefully received!

    Many Thanks

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    The Car Nut
  4. JulianMerak

    JulianMerak Formula 3

    Thank you Ivan
  5. red27

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    Mark Oliver
    Hi Julian. Your car is looking really good! That carpet seems incredibly hard to come by. I’ve just found this website*

    and the German loop carpet looks similarly coarse, but the colours are wrong - they do have an Italian wool carpet too, but it is special order and $US 560 per metre! I slightly suspect it originates at Maieli, who promote ‘authentic’ carpet from the original looms etc etc. Again at vast expense.

    Interestingly I got the chance to go and inspect the yellow ex S.Kidston Ghibli Spider at Coys showroom recently. The entire interior was done by Maieli, and I was particularly interested in the carpet they used - I would assume it to be their own. Here are a couple of pictures up close.
    Suffice to say it is not remotely as coarse as the original carpets in my car, and lacking the square weave.

    HVL seem to have it closest looking at their website, the Ferrari trunk carpet looks close, but is only in black. I got a sample from MotoTechnique in the UK which looks the same, and it turned out too fine....

    Sorry not to have an instant solution. I think it may be becoming acceptable even for concours to have a finer weave carpet. Same way that the likes of McGrath and Cremonini don’t bother replicating the really rough bituminous finish in the engine bay for their restorations.

    Best of luck in the search and let us know if you strike gold!

    Cheers. Mark

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  6. JulianMerak

    JulianMerak Formula 3

    Henk has replied so I'll share any news next week [ he doesn't have an answer yet but is promising one later ]

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  8. JulianMerak

    JulianMerak Formula 3

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