1975 308 GT4 Vin #10928

Discussion in '308/328' started by DonnieG, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. DonnieG

    DonnieG Rookie

    Oct 14, 2009
    Hello, new here and just started looking at these cars as my next purchase. I was wondering if anyone had any input on this car. I Believe it's been for sale for a while and I've also checked the registry, any input would help.
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  3. jimshadow

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    Feb 19, 2006
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    Dino GT4 registry ( history is as follows:

    First owned by Mr. W. J. of Agoura, California until 1980.
    From 1982 (?), was next owned by Mr. L. B. of Long Beach, California, who offered it up for sale in August 1983. It was stated that it had just been restored and had 42,000mi on the odometer at that time.
    Offered for sale in Houston, Texas, in July 2006.
    Offered for sale on ebay in March 2007 by: "Classic Car Studio LLC" of Saint Louis, Missouri. In the auction description, it was claimed that the car had 42,000mi on the odometer. The car failed to sell. It was relisted on ebay again, in April 2007 and again, it failed to sell. Relisted on ebay again in May 2007 and again, failed to sell.
    The car was listed again on "ebay", by the same dealership "Classic Car Studio LLC" in June and several times in July, 2007 and on each occasion, the car failed to sell.
    Offered for sale again on "ebay", by "Classic Car Studio LLC" in late February 2009 and failed to sell. Relisted in early March 2009 on "ebay" and it failed to sell again.

    Is it currently on Ebay? If so, please put up a link.

    What are you looking for, Concours Correct? Driver? Project?

    There is a reason this car is not selling....It's either price or problems. Note that and and move on. There are other good cars out there.

    ('74 GT4)
  4. DonnieG

    DonnieG Rookie

    Oct 14, 2009
    Thanks Jim, I am looking into either the GT4 or an older Porsche. This will be my first for either car, I have been a Shelby Cobra, Camaro, owner multiple times and have always wanted to own one of these cars. I would be looking for a driver, with good mechanics, I am one of those guys that just loves sports cars. If you could give me a heads up on any other cars that are available, that would be great.
  5. Brian Harper

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    Feb 17, 2006
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    Brian Harper
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    Interesting that it hasn't been driven hardly at all in 27 years. Or perhaps the odometer hasn't been working in 27 years. You need to make that call for yourself. I know which one I would choose.

    Why hasn't this car sold? My guesses: Price is high, the top end of GT4 territory. Interior is not leather, not original fabric, I believe. Boxer paint isn't quite "right" - not official Ferrari color and not applied in the official pattern. Also the non-Ferrari parts in the engine bay will frighten some buyers, probably unnecessarily. The oil filter and plug jump out as being not official, and I think you will find no one here that would run or recommend the Motorcraft filter for a 308. But since the car has not apparently been driven in 27 years, it has probably seen no miles with that filter anyway, right?

    If you value originality then this isn't the car for you. And at this price, you probably are in "correct" car territory. Although it looks beautiful in the professional pictures and has the potential to be an excellent car, it has things that buyers at this price point generally won't go for. It could be a real gem of a car especially if it has 42,000 miles and not X42,000 miles. Overlooking the originality, the paint looks great in the pictures, the interior looks clean and neat. The engine doesn't look bad. It could be a great driver.

    Also make sure it is not missing the heater/brake booster cover that goes inside the front lid. It was probably just removed for pictures.

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