Taken Off Market 1977 930 Turbo Carrera Silver/Lobester Red - with supporting docs to original owner, window sticker

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    I am offering my beloved US delivered, 1977 930 Turbo Carrera, 51k mile, coupe, sunroof, A/C, 4-speed manual here. Certificate of Authenticity

    This 1977 Porsche Turbo was purchased new in Kansas City at Art Bunker, Porsche Audi for $28,700 by Roger Morrison (still alive and loves talking stories about his car) on August 1st 1977. Roger registered the car in the name of his business, Long-McArthur Inc. Kansas. The original sale of the car was executed by John Youngblood (original business card), the sales manager at Art Bunker at the time.

    According to the Bill of Sale #05910, the car was originally $26,995

    According to the Window Sticker, extra's included:

    * Sport Seats (left & right) $255
    * Sunroof $710
    * Heated Right Outside Mirror $85
    * Dealer Prep $500
    * Freight $155

    It took original owner Roger Morrison slightly more than 1 month to receive his first speeding ticket as he began using the Turbo as it was intended. On October 11th, 1977 Roger received citation #1848310 by Kansas City Highway Patrol for allegedly doing 72 mph in a 55 speed zone. Roger has stated to me that he was well north of 90 but the office kindly walked the ticket down in speed.

    In July of 1978 Roger continued to cherish his car but had questions about keeping the engine cool. He tended not to use the car in warm weather (90 degrees+) and was trying to learn how he might keep the air cooled car running at cooler temps. Roger wrote a letter, pen to paper to Charles Stoddard on July 11th 1978 after Stoddard discussed oil coolers on early cars in Panorama. Stoddard wrote back a short few days later in red pen on paper and suggested that Roger remove from the car the thermal reactors. Even though illegal Stoddard stated, it will drop the temperature of the engine 30 degrees.

    Roger was a meticulous with his notes and documentation. He even saved his scribbles from when he was working on various vanity license plate ideas. He even saved the negatives (pictures) of his beloved 1977 Turbo next to his 1979 Turbo (6 negatives in total).

    Even though Roger loved his beloved 1977 Turbo Carrera, on March 19th 1979, Roger chose to sell listing it in The Wall Street Journal after having bought a brand new 1979 Turbo.

    The newspaper listing in the Wall Street Journal on 04/05/1979 stated:

    Late '77 Porsche Turbo Carrera for sale by original owner.
    9307800668 Silver with Lobster interior, sun roof, RH mirror and sport seats. 2,950 miles. Never driven in rain or smoked in. Bra, mats and cover from new. $31,950.00 Can deliver in enclosed. Reason for selling: Purchased a new 3.3 Turbo Roger Morrison (original newspaper listing will go with the sale of the car).

    On the same day, listed for sale is a 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV for $30,000 and a 76 Countach for $85,000. The Miura would have been a nice purchase…

    On 05/08/1979, Charles Grigsby left a message for Roger Morrison via Roger's secretary. Charles had seen the listing in the Wall Street Journal and was interested in traveling with his 12 year old son to inspect the car. Charles ultimately purchased the car from Roger on July 13th 1979 and became the 2nd owner.

    Charles passed away that same year but his son is still alive and had some great stories to share. His contact info will go with the sale. He accompanied his dad on the trip to Kansas to inspect the car before the purchase from Roger. His dad took out a 2nd mortgage on their home to purchase the car. He shared a story about his dad doing 80 and a highway patrol officer pulling up besides them on the highway and the officer covering his eyes with his hand. With that, Charles put the pedal down and took off. His son, who is also named Charles was incredibly emotional when we connected as the car had deep memories to him having his dad pass away in the same year of the purchase when he was just 12 years old.

    Dr. Robert S Brown of De Moines, Iowa was the 3rd owner. He is still alive and I have spoken with him about the car only on email. His contact will go with the car. Dr. Brown took the car to the 1983 Porsche Parade in Ozarks and entered the car in the Pirelli Driving Event and took first place. The weekend was all Porsche, all day. The car was also written up and photographed in a Porsche Magazine as the car sported license plate STIX and when under the ownership of Dr. Robert Brown. Along with the sale is a video documentary DVD. Here is a preview. In this second video clip, at 3.58 seconds, the Turbo race is discussed.

    There is a lapse of time and ownership at this point but the car does resurface with owner Karen Burkhardt in Denver Colorado in the early 1990's.

    The car moved onward to John Carey of Wyoming in 1997 whom I purchased it from in the beginning of 2015. John often worked on the car and there are a LOT of receipts from this period for parts. John owned the car for 18 years and there must be 40 receipts.

    Under my ownership, I have had the car painted from door-jams out, the undercarriage and wheel-wells cleaned but not painted and still original. The interior is all original and was cleaned and not altered. The engine was removed and rebuilt from top to bottom. The car is now meticulous and worthy of sitting on the lawn at any concourse event. I have receipts totaling $70,000 for full engine rebuild, paint from door jams out, deep clean undercarriage, wheel wells, etc.

    All the information above is documented except stories from the past owners which can be obtained by phone calls or emails if anyone wishes.

    Reason for selling:
    I have owned the car for 6 years now and just bought land which I plan to develop into a vineyard, home and winery. That proof is here: If not for this land purchase, I would be a seller.

    1st Owner: Roger Morrison (from new – March 19th 1979)

    2nd Owner: Charles Grigsby (July 18th 1979 -

    3rd Owner: Dr. Robert S Brown (July 6th 1981 -

    4th Owner - Karen Burkhardt (December 9th 1991 -

    5th Owner John Carey (1997 - 2015)

    6th Owner Jamie Kutch (2015 – Present)

    Last Listing of this car for sale when I purchased is here:

    1977 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera Coupe, built completion on 04/30/1977
    4-Speed Manual
    Silver Metallic Exterior / Lobster Red Interior
    Sport Seats
    Matching numbers
    VIN# 9307800668
    Engine# 6870683
    Transmission# 771291
    50k original, documented miles

    Service History (all paper work included):
    08/01/1977 – Original window sticker from Art Bunker
    08/01/1977 – Original business car of salesman, John Youngblood who sold the car at Art Bunker
    08/01/1977 – Odometer Mileage Statement with Vin of car and 101 miles on odometer
    08/01/1977 – Original invoice on Art Bunker letterhead
    08/01/1977 – Bill of Sale for 1977 Porsche Turbo with Vin and salesman’s name matching business card
    08/22/1977 – Receipt from First National Bank for loan / purchase of car
    09/22/1977 – Receipt from dealer Art Bunker for tune-up
    09/22/1977 – Receipt from dealer Art Bunker for Porsche Parts
    10/19/1977 - Receipt to original owner for Porsche part
    01/20/1978 – Letter to Tim Vaughn
    01/28/1978 – Letter to salesman at Art Bunker
    02/01/1978 – Letter to salesman at Art Bunker about this Turbo and about a 928
    02/06/1978 – Receipt to original owner for Porsche part
    02/24/1978 – Letter to Ed Swearingen about the Turbo and a Countache
    07/14/1978 – Letter to Charles Stoddard along with his reply, pen and paper
    03/06/1979 – Letter to Chuck Stoddard thanking him for dining together and speaking about Porsche Motorcars
    03/19/1979 – Original letter to list the car for sale
    04/5/1979 – The Wall Street Journal Classified car section listing the car for sale
    05/08/1979 – Note from original owners secretary that 2nd owner called and left his name, phone, address, etc. about the car
    11/14/1977 – Stoddard receipt to original owner for Turbo Tribute $45
    01/26/1979 – Letter from owner to Jeff Gamble about Porsche Turbo’s.
    12/19/1979 – Letter to Murray Patkin about Porsche from original owner
    07/13/1979 – Federal Credit Union check from 2nd owner to 1st owner to buy car
    07/18/1979 – Note to secretary about payment for car
    07/06/1981 – Letter from original owner to 3rd owner Dr. Robert S. Brown
    01/01/1983 – Porsche Parade DVD
    01/01/1983 – Full weekend binder of events, patch, retc.
    12/09/1991 – Receipt for booster sending unit, axel repack, rear sway bar bushing, brake fluid, oil change
    11/13/1997 – Receipt from Porsche dealer for cam cover, oil seal.
    11/14/1997 – Receipt for 1977 930 Head Stud
    11-18-1997 through 2001 – 20 receipt from Napa Auto Store for various parts.
    12/05/1997 Letter from Porsche North American to owner John Carey
    12/2/1997 Letter from Porsche North American to owner John Carey includes cars VIN
    01/31/1998 Letter from Porsche Club of American to owner John Carey about 77 Turbo’s.
    06/10/1998 Receipt (Porsche parts)
    07/01/1999 Receipt for rebuilding Turbo
    04/12/2000 - Receipt (Bearing, gasket, O-Ring, Piston Ring, Lockout nuts, labor)
    05/02/2000 – Receipt (Porsche parts)
    09/21/2000 - Receipt (Porsche parts)
    10/03/2000 – Receipt for Flywheel pilot bushing, bolt, bell, crank)
    03/07/2001 – Receipt for Valve Seal, gaskets.
    03/14/2001 – (Receipt for installing valve stem seals.
    05/22/2002 – Receipt for the Repair Manuals for 77 Turbo
    8/27/2002 - Receipt (gaskets, camshaft washer, cam gear)
    10/10/2002 - Receipt (new tires)
    09/30/2003 Receipt (Porsche parts)
    10/10/2003 - Receipt (Porsche parts)
    08/16/2013 Receipt (Porsche parts)
    04/04/2015 Receipt for oil change, adjust clutch, adjust valves, hood shocks, bleed breaks
    10/26/2015 Receipt for check heater staying open, check oil leak
    04/01/2016 – Receipt (restoration)
    05/31/2016 – Receipt (restoration)
    09/01/2016 – Receipt (restoration)
    09/14/2016 – Receipt (restoration)

    Genuine key, Black fob
    Original tool kit
    Original manual with original owners name / business inside
    Original car jack
    Original date stamped spare tire
    Original radio literature
    Original Electric Air Compressor (tire inflation)
    Original and complete Tool Kit
    Original dealer license plate frame
    Pirelli P7 Cintrato color advertisement
    Multiple pages (20 or so pages) of notes about cars, Turbo’s, prices, etc.
    1977 Porsche Turbo Technical Data brochure

    All Seat Belts date stamped, original
    Sport seats
    All wheels’ date stamped 77, date stamped spare 02/77
    Muffler date stamped, original
    Original Bamburg radio & microphone
    Glass all around car, all original and stamped
    Period pictures of car from the 1970's.
    All service records since new organized chronologically in a binder
    Gas Cap with original stickers still attached both inside and on cap.
    Owner #1, owner #2, owner #3 and owner #5 are all still alive in and willing to share stories over the phone
    New paint, door-jams out, original interior, matching numbers, concourse ready
    Honest, knowledgeable seller of the history of these early Turbo cars
    Fully documented history
    Well maintained, all records included
    No accidents, clean title
    No after market parts, all original

    I cannot honestly think of any. On a scale of 1 to 10 the car is a 10. Pictures are not doing the exterior justice as silver is so challenging to shoot in the sun. It must be seen to be appreciated.

    Given this cars condition, mileage and maintenance I am asking $210,000

    Please PM me or email me at with any questions or inquiries.


    Car is located in San Francisco and available for inspection. The car has been seen by: Ben Kirchner at Retro Sport who has experience with RSR’s. 935’s, etc.
    Also the car has been seen by Cameron Wayland of Wayland Motor Sports Also the car has been seen by Tim Lingerfelt as he did paint and engine work

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  3. rossodino

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    bruce sansone
    That is a beautiful 930, I remember seeing that color combo several times when they were new, good luck with the sale!
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  4. rdwinelover

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    Thank you! Cheers.
  5. pu911

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    Phil Ulrich
    What a stunning car, GLWS!

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  6. Ryan Flesher

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    Ryan Flesher
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    Thanks Ryan. It certainly took some time and so I appreciate it. Cheers!
  9. xpensivewino

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    Need to know basis
    Spectacular car and worth the asking price. Remarkable write up, let’s hope the next owner keeps as detailed a history. Best of luck on your sale.
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  10. aatk

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    Nov 24, 2017
    It’s a beautiful car but you’ve done it a terrible disservice posting it next to the green one. That color has me salivating all over the tablet.
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  11. rdwinelover

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    Thanks. The green one is a 1976 and my six year old sons favorite color and car in my fleet! Emerald Green Metallic... It will go to him someday... glad you dig it!
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  13. tres55

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    Sep 18, 2012

    Worth every penny.
  14. cgt000

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    May 2, 2014
    Can you do my next classified for sale ad? I pay you whatever you want.
  15. simchanova

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    ...OUTSTANDING AD!,OUTSTANDING CAR! yourself I am contemplating headed in a “different” direction so will/am downsizing so I unfortunately not in a position to purchase this fabulous car...however,I would love to meet you sometime Jamie as I am a wine lover and have friends in the Bay Area also(was just there to visit and ski up in Tahoe)...I’m there quite a bit and my next trip will be to fly in for car week in Monterey...I have a 1988 Turbo Cab and a1996 993 crazy as this sounds I feel Turbos are 2025 they will turn 50 and specimens of early cars like yours will skyrocket...I know sone astute collectors and will forward this on to them...shoot me a pm if so inclined...Stuart
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  16. rdwinelover

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    I’ll take payment in wine to post ads! Thanks CGT000

    Simchanova, thanks for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the posting and car. I would be happy to share a glass someday! My winery is up in Sonoma and I myself live in the sunset district of SF. I still own a few cars so there is still will be some fun to be had locally! I agree that I am sure Porsche has something planned or up there sleeve for the 50th anniversary. It would be some sight to see 50 years of Turbo's lined up in Monterey!

    Cheers and be well!
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  17. Senna1994

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    Anthony T
    Stunning and I believe based on the Porsche Market, you are below where it should sell for.
  18. Continental AutoSports


    Aug 22, 2006
    Hinsdale, IL
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    Jeremy Sus / Parts Manager
    THIS is how you post a car ad on F-Chat. GLWS, absolutely beautiful.
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  19. rdwinelover

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    San Francisco
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  20. slm

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    Dec 5, 2004
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    Steve M
    Nice example, but I’m really digging’ that green one!!!!
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  21. Jack-the-lad

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    Jun 22, 2004
    The Golden Horn, next to Wanda
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    Your Grace
  22. rdwinelover

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  23. rdwinelover

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    Yup! From the factory it looks like it is up on stilts!
  24. donv

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    Jan 5, 2002
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    What a lovely, lovely car! And I love the history-- that is just fantastic.

    Good luck with the sale!
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  25. rdwinelover

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    Feb 27, 2015
    San Francisco
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  26. rdwinelover

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    San Francisco
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    Thanks for your kind words and many of the others who posted here. I appreciate it.
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  27. slm

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    Steve M
  28. Face76

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    M Wilborn
    Art Bunker was quite the car dealer here in KC.
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