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    1977 Ferrari 308 GTB


    S/N: 20607
    • Giallo Fly / Tobacco
    • Showing only 38,000 miles
    • One of the first steel bodied US 308 cars made (December 1976 production date)
    • 30 year California ownership
    • Excellent paint and body
    • Very original interior
    • Fully serviced, mechanically sorted, and ready to enjoy
    The Ferrari 308 is undoubtedly a modern classic. Introduced in the mid-1970s, and continuing on through the 1980s, the undeniably beautiful lines of the 308 defined what a Ferrari was for a generation, and arguably still does today. And, the mid-engine V8 configuration of the 308, first introduced in the 308 GT4, lives on even today in the newest Ferraris.

    The first 308 cars produced were clothed in fiberglass bodies, but soon Ferrari switched to traditional steel bodies in late 1976. The 3 liter V8 engine was topped with four glorious Weber carburetors, producing an amazing sound under acceleration. In 1978, ever-tightening emissions standards of the late 1970s forced Ferrari to add catalytic converters and leaner cams to cars bound for the US market, and eventually performance was dramatically cut with the replacement of the carburetors with fuel injection in 1980.

    This 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB, actually a December 1976 production model, was produced before the worst of the performance-sapping emissions standards, and is one of the first steel-bodied 308s produced. For 30 years it was owned by a single owner in California, and was acquired by its previous owner in 2016. This 308 wears its original color of Giallo Fly (Fly Yellow), which, while common on Ferraris in the later years, was surprisingly rare for the time period. At some point in its past, the original lacquer paint, not known for its longevity, was repainted in the original color using modern acrylic paint, and the finish is exceptional. The exterior is beautifully complimented by the Tobacco interior and Testa di Moro carpets. Other than a re-dye of the leather on the seats, the interior is completely original.

    Between 2016-2018, a full mechanical restoration was essentially carried out, commissioned by the previous owner. The engine was removed from the car, a full major service was performed, including timing belts, tensioners, and all fluids, and engine components were cosmetically restored and/or replated. The suspension bushings were all replaced, the brake calipers were rebuilt, the steering rack was replaced, and the air conditioning system was refurbished. A new and correct Ansa exhaust was fitted, and the original 14” Campagnolo wheels were refurbished and shod with correct Michelin XWX tires.

    The result of all of this work is a car that not only presents itself stunningly both inside and out, but drives as an early carbureted 308 should drive. The engine pulls strongly to its redline, with wonderful noise coming from those four Webers and the exhaust. The steering is tight, the suspension is supple, and the A/C blows cold.

    After a fast run-up in prices a few years ago, the Ferrari 308 market has settled down and has remained somewhat stable. As it should be in a healthy market, quality cars bring higher prices, and the others trade quite a bit lower. A good 308 GTB should prove to be a solid investment going forward, and this is undoubtedly a great car priced very fairly. I look forward to speaking with you about this special 308; please contact me at or 832-617-0494.

    More photos can be found on my website:

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