For Sale 1979 Ferrari 308 GTB European version dry sump

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    1979 Ferrari 308 GTB European version dry sump #27899

    Date of manufacture April, 1979
    Delivery May 21st, 1979
    First registration 17 août 1979

    2nd hand origin Pozzi France

    Body color: Nero 20-B-50 (599-1-619)
    Upholstery and carpet: Nero
    Current mileage: 6 000 Miles

    - Engine F106-021#1287 complete rebuilt in 2013, mileage since: 9800km. Liner rebuilt, forged pistons HC (JE), bore 81,5, connecting rod bushing and bearing, new valves (High Flow for inlet), new valve guides and stem, Reinz gasket set, ignition rebuilt, new coils and Magnacor HT plug lead, carburetors rebuilt, clutch box and linkage rebuilt, AP Racing clutch kit.

    Changed recently:
    - Varta E24 70 Ah battery 630 A.
    - PAGID RS4-4 brake pads, braided stainless brake hoses.
    - Autovox SA 86 antenna.
    - Michelin XWX.
    - All doors and hoods rubbers.
    - Headlights.
    - Seats and steering wheel newly respray by professional.
    - Tube and hoses of interconnection of the petrol tanks.
    - Full front and rear suspension including new Koni shock absorber had been change in 2008, complete cooling circuit rebuilt (hoses, tank, radiator, fans and heater blowers).
    - Driveshaft rebuilt.
    - Change of fuses boxes, widow motors new, all gauges perfect condition.
    - Brake discs.
    - 2t ½ rack (original supplied), rod end and steering column bulkhead bush new.
    - Bodywork and complete paint (including engine bay) but not a bare metal respray.
    - Custom made stainless Orbisoud exhaust with single pipe (original supplied).

    - All invoices from 15 years and Dyno bench available.
    - Last maintenance from February 2018: change of belts (tensioner Hill enginering) and all fluids.

    Complete jack bag, no tool set. Original pouch document complete.

    Ready for any PPI requirement. Car is located in France.

    Asking price 115 000€.

    I can answer any questions about the car on this thread or by PM, I know it very well, as much as all the 308 version. It is not a show car, it is a running car.

    More pictures:

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