1983 308 - what was the original radio?

Discussion in '308/328' started by Wolfgang5150, Dec 8, 2011.

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    I've done producing, recording and mastering in many media. CDs are certainly a lot better than cassette tape. But mp3s are throw-away. Great if you want to hear a quick tune or background music. A decent cassette in a decent player will beat any mp3 hands down, any time. Believe me!
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    ...thats what i was thinking, hell a Glock 26 would fit NICELY in there.

    I installed block off plates on 2 of my cars :) .

    Who needs a fraking radio in Ferrari :cool:
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    Radios slide into a universal installation 'cage' which fits the dash opening. Numerous bendable tabs allow the cage to be held in place without any modification to the car. These cages are included with many radios or visit your local installer who buys them in bulk.

    In my car, rather than mounting the radio flush, I have the cage positioned about an inch out from the dash, making it easier to reach and operate the rightmost radio controls while in the 'lean-back' driving position.
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    Been looking at getting rid of the radio in my QV and after seeing the price of the blanking panel have decided to try and fabricate something better suited. Just purchased a standard size blanking panel for £4 from eBay along with a cubby hole as well. The plan is to remove the radio completely then behind the blanking panel mount a small "hidden" stereo I have found one from a custom car shop. Then Simply have a USB connection out of the way to plug my iPod into. All will be removable and do no damage to the trim. Well that's the plan I will post pictures once it's done. I went down the lines of looking at the original radios but think they are horrible and also being dealer fit for a more factory finish I would prefer to just have a nice blanking panel.
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    Steve W.
    The older radios I've seen, especially in European cars, are usually Blaupunkt. But I have seen Becker Mexico radios in some cars. The Blaupunkt and Becker Mexico were considered premium radios back in the 60s and 70s, though some like Alpine were starting to make inroads in the car radio market. I remember seeing Becker Mexicos in lots of old MB SL's over the years.

    That's one of those industries that kind of dried up -- installing car radios in new cars. Sure, there's all kinds of add-on stereo equipment or replacement radios for cars these days, but has anyone seen a car in the last 20 years that doesn't come with a factory installed radio of some kind?
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    I have a used original blank off plate that I would be willing to sell if anyone's interested. I'm not sure what it's worth, but I trust that you fellow Ferrari-istis will be fair.
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    Kris De Bruyne
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    Just for the record: may I add that at the time, french Ferraris were fitted with Pioneer radios/tape desks. I know, I know...french people are supposed to never do the same as others, but actually I seem to recall that this was the result of a sponsorship agreement between Ferrari France and Pioneer.
    Those remembering the 308 Jean-Claude Andruet drove in rallying in 1982 will recall that this car was sponsored by Pioneer.
    And a certain Mr Setton (orthograph? well, my memory is not serving me so well after all) was, I believe, the CEO of Pioneer France and at the time, a well know collector of Ferraris.
    The Pioneer tape desks fitted to the french Ferraris have a small badge with the "Cavallino rampante" embedded just at the top left, above the "volume" button.

    Anyway, to the point: my April 1989 GTB, French origin, through the Pozzi dealership, still has its original Pioneer radio tape-deck. It is a "Pioneer KEH-4060B" (the other option was the "Pioneer KEH-5060B").
    Mine is still in full working order, 22 years later; the sound is not good, but (you guessed it) I never use it!

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    Thank you to all who contributed on this thread. My '85 308GTB has a Blaupunkt with the wired remote on the stalk. Most likely we are going to take it out and install something modern which can play CDs and looks period correct. Possibly a Continental. My preference would be for the old unit to go to someone who will use it to restore another 308. When we get it out I will post something in the appropriate section here.
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    FAF sold my Jan 84 model after installing a Blaupunkt Aspen ( I still have the invoice)

    You will NEVER go wrong with a Blaupunkt CR 3001 in any 80-82 308. I have a shoe box full of photos I took back then myself to support that.

    The 3001 has a problem with the stereo/mono switch and a FM modulated CD changer, though. I love the classic look but I also like to play music. Still, in 2019 with all our options, there isn't much you can plug into an old Blaupunkt that sounds any better than a simple old school remote CD changer (digital is digital downstream from an old head unit). I spent 18 years and went thru about 5 different 3001 before finally throwing in the towel last summer and installed an Aspen.

    The 3001 just kept dropping the stereo and I had to push it into mono mode to get it to play without the worst static and popping you can imagine. The Aspen lacks the stereo/mono button and, for some reason, works like a charm with the CD changer.

    Just FYI for those of you that give a **** about misc 308 music options.
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    Blaupunkt has just come out with a modern version of the 1986 Bremen. Looks like an original but has USB, Bluetooth and SD card slots hiding behind a faux cassette door. Cassette player has been deleted. I plan on installing one in my '84 as soon as they are available.

    Article from Hagerty
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    Sanjeev Thohan
    That’s what I recently heard from Scott at Lajolla audio. He used to install them in the 3x8’s in the 70s and 80s in the showroom
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    Blaupunkt CR-2001 is the one I've seen installed most consistently in the referenced photos I've researched.

    I have a mid 90's Alpine CDE-7828 in mine.
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    Daron Walker
    My 85 QV came with this Blaupunkt (model is called New York). I had it restored and I use a bluetooth cassette that pairs with my phone. So I have unlimited access to music, XM radio, and hands free phone calls. The owners manuals are filled out from the dealership the car came from.
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