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Discussion in 'Ferraris' started by qedqeq, Apr 24, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    up for sale is my 1987 328 GTB with 62,000Miles on the ODO. According to a couple of sites, and Furmano's list here, this is the only Nero/Nero combination 87GTB

    I have always done my own servicing on all my vehicles and this one is no exception, I absolutely enjoy spinning wrenches myself on all my vehicles.

    I have a running log of servicing that I will attach to this thread.

    As for the GTB, it has had a couple of areas on the body that was repainted because of rock chips and stuff, but it never has been in an accident or collision.

    There was a warranty complete engine replacement back in late eighties, around the 20,000 mile mark, so the engine has 40,000 miles on it. I have the invoices for this work, performed by a dealership in LaJolla Cali.

    I have removed the EGR system from the car, because it's plumbing was corroded, and also it has a Cat Bypass as well. Tubi exhaust is installed.

    It is Currently located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but it is an original San Diego LaJolla California Ferrari.

    It is great driving condition, and a quite a looker, always get compliments whenever I drive it.

    I have lots of pictures of the car and lots of pictures during the servicing as well, click here

    I have also spent a lot of time reverting what previous owners attempted to do to the car.

    I am asking $80,000US for my 328GTB, but definitely will look at offers.

    Many regards, and thank you for looking.

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  2. qedqeq

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    Hi all,

    New asking Price $77000US

    Thank you for looking
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    Love the 328 GTB! Best of luck with your sale! :)
  4. qedqeq

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    Hey, 308Milano, Thank you!!!

  5. qedqeq

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    Hi all,

    Quick reminder that my dear 328GTB is still up for sale.
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  7. qedqeq

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    Currently registered and insured in Alberta Canada

    Regards and thank you for inquiring
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  8. qedqeq

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    Hi All,

    Deal fell through

    Must go

    Asking $75000US OBO

    Definitely Entertaining Offers - Thank you
  9. qedqeq

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    Hi All,

    Still available

    Motivated Seller
  10. qedqeq

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    Hi All,

    Still available, This GTB really has to go.
  11. qedqeq

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    Hi All,

    Still available

    Motivated Seller, Taking offers.
  12. qedqeq

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    I am dropping the price to 64,500US$

    It is breaking my heart, but this GTB really has to go,

    Motivated Seller
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    Great deal for an ultra-rare 328GTB!
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    Very nice!

    Almost to the 25 year smog equipment exemption in Texas.
    What did the previous owner "try to do"?
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    It's 31 years old - it's past the 25 mark ;)
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    Let me start by saying that a mere mortal being shouldn't be allowed to own or touch one of these precious works of art.

    1 - Thought that by chopping up the center console main wiring harness to get the power antennae to work with the power on/off of the Alpine CD player. What ended up happening was that all the switches quit working in the center console, and told me that it must be a blown fuse during the purchase.

    2 - since power antennae switch quit working, he bought a Radio Scrap manual pullout antennae (ones that you have to stand there and extend the antennae upwards by hand), and threw away the factory original power antennae.

    3 - Buys a new Tubi bypass tube and exhaust kit and proceeds to install it without the right donut gaskets, instead with Pep boys paper gaskets and regular steels nuts and bolts. This in turn now creates a fire hazard because the heat that was coming out of the leaking flanges, and offset the exhaust system to the right passenger side, which in turn makes the exhaust tips rub against and wears out and breaks the rear grill.

    4 - Never wonders why the engine bay continues to gunk up with nasty grease as he drove it, because he never realized that the CV boots have cracked and spewing grease everywhere.

    5 - replaced broken fuel connector on the gas tank with garden hose mating connector and duct taped it in, and told me that he was proud of that fix.

    6 - Never wonders why it is low in engine coolant, Tells me that it is normal for these cars to "eat" engine coolant and to keep it topped up. He showed me that He tops up the engine coolant through the overflow tank which had 6 pinholes in it.

    7 - Replaced the passenger side window switch with a blue arrow 308 window switch, trying to fix the slow window, now it stopped working altogether and he gave up. Blue Arrows vs Fire Red Window icon, must have been a completely natural mistake to mix those up (WTF????)

    I have done a religous job at correcting all these stupidities with factory parts, yes even the factory power antennae was reinstalled, and factory main wiring harnesses were replaced as well. I have pictures of everything in the main ad.

    I am afriad that by writing this, I hope that I don't scare away potential buyers, because she has been treated like a queen in my stead.

    Any other chance in my life that I could hang on to her, I would. But I have to say goodbye to her, and it is killing me.

    I really hope that I can sell her to another family or person that can treat her like the royalty that she is treated here in my garage.

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  17. qedqeq

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    Price is $64,500US
  18. qedqeq

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    Still available ☹️ needs to go
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    Replacing w anything interesting?
  20. YellowMurci

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    Sep 8, 2011
    Have all previous problems been sorted? Source for ppl near you?
  22. Metastable

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    May 4, 2018
    Man - if I had seen this car before buying my gated F430, I probably would have bought this instead. Especially being an Alberta car.... it would have been painless. It looks great.
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    Feb 16, 2014
    beautiful car and color! Unfortunately that engine change even by factory might make this difficult to sell.
  24. jamesgib0056

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    James Gibson
  25. qedqeq

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    Hi Still for sale,

    Yes, I have been diligently returning to factory all the situations that the previous owners put them in, with an eye to detail during the return.

    There is a Ferrari dealership in Calgary, 3 hours away. But there a few high end private shops near me.

    She is absolutely drive-able every day.


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