1991 Acura NSX

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    Car Information
    NSX coupe
    Exterior color:
    Interior color:
    92xxx mile
    46000 Or best resonable offer

    Car History
    Title History:
    Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

    Seller Information
    Please PM to discuss

    Maintenance Information
    Car is up to date with anything called for in terms of maintenance.

    Over the last few years it's had the following.
    Winter 2016-2017 - rebuilt Climate board (during my ownership the speaker amps have been rebuilt as well)
    Fall of 2016 ABS Modulator was disassembled and rebuilt with the kit available on Prime by my local acura dealer (brakes bled as well)
    Summer of 2015 - Dropped the engine and had the timing belt and water pump done along with all rubber hoses, and all fluids as well (tranny, brake, coolant of course).
    Summer of 2014 (I believe) I did brake rotors and pads myself
    Each fall I would do an oil change and detail prior to putting the car in storage for the winter.
    AC has been converted to 134 back in later 2000's
    New rear tires mounted and ready to swap with other rims on the car.
    Any records done during my ownership are available along with the previous owner who dates back to late 90's if I recall right.

    I've owned this car for around 14 years now and it's been my baby. Other cars have come and gone during that time while this one has stayed. But I think it's time for this one to move on. Here's the details that I can recall to the best of my knowledge.

    Car was in snap ring range when I purchased it and at the time of purchase John Vasos at Brookfield Acura had told me the case was changed from inspections they did. A year later the snap ring went and John warranty repaired the car for me at no cost. Documents are included with that in my service receipts. Never had issues since that time. At that time of the rebuild I took the liberty to install the NSX-R Ring and pinion since John had already installed short gears for the previous owner.

    Other mods are the following:
    Comptech Exhaust - OEM exhaust comes with
    Headers - OEM manifolds come with
    Koni adjustable shocks on eibach springs - OEM springs and shocks included that came off around 20k miles
    Intake scoop that's in the rear fender
    Wing west front lip
    3 complete sets of SSR Integral Rims - some could use a repaint, and one each of a front and rear rim need a bend taken out. This is why I bought as many sets as I could find - b/c the rims are no longer made I wanted to have back ups as I love the look of them on the car.
    Top was painted red by the previous owner when he installed tle lip. Work was top notch and I loved the look and never wanted to change it back.

    Interior has been kept stock.

    If I had to point out areas I would personally address if I were to keep the car I would replace the seat skins and repaint the front bumper and lip as they've acquired some nice patina over the years.

    I have a set of ivory mats that will come with along with the Zanardi mats that I've had in the car since purchase.

    I have other misc items that will be included with the car as well (air filters, oil filters, oil, other odds and ends).

    PM my your email if you would like more photos.

    Car has averaged 1500-2000 per year the last 6-7 years.

    I'll add I am on the fence with really going forward with selling this car. I honestly thought I would have this until I retired...
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    Patrick Knapp
    Gorgeous car! These cars look 15+ years newer than they actually are. Especially with those wheels and the painted top! GLWS!
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    This will likely be the next car I buy when I upgrade from my S2000. Currently, I don't have space for two cars though, so I'm going to pass. Looks awesome though! GLWS
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    I may have missed this detail within the description, but was the water pump and timing belt done? What mileage? Very clean looking NSX, some interior pictures would be helpful in fully showing this example. Good luck with the sale.
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    John Suarez
    Those are the best looking wheels I've ever seen, bar none, on an NSX. :D
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    I'll get some interior shots this evening. Timing belt and water pump was done two summers ago along with all rubber hoses. Valves were adjusted then too I believe. Miles are between 92-93k currently. I still drive it to Walmart and church, but that's about it.
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    Dave Lelonek
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    Jim Smith
    I miss mine. Good luck with the sale. I had mine for 9 years and sold in 2015.
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