For Sale 1993 Bugatti EB110GT - Grigio - 6,892 Miles - Factory Car

Discussion in 'Cars' started by SupercarGuru, Mar 26, 2020.

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    John Temerian
    1993 Bugatti EB110GT
    Grigio Chiaro
    6,892 Miles
    Factory Car
    1 of 84 cars produced by Bugatti

    This incredible EB110GT example, Chassis #022 was recently invited to the Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance and we are in the process of completing a major service, including fresh turbos, gaskets and more. Chassis #022 was originally produced as a factory demonstration example and later delivered "New" to Jean Marc Borel, the Director of Bugatti. It has 6,892 miles and comes complete with records, books, original cassette player, factory tools and certification from B-Engineering, composed former Bugatti employees and engineers.

    Asking $1,250,000. Contact us for more details and information!

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    I'm in my upper 70's and still driving Honda's so the odds of me ever owning this beauty are slim. But this is the car I've always lusted after. Sure ... given the chance I'd like a 288 GTO too. But if I had to choose ... this is the one, hands down. GLWS I hope you get every penny.
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    I believe there were two versions, the EB110 and the Super Sport. The visual differences were subtle, but the SS had five wholes in the C pillar instead of a window. It also had a fixed rear wing, IIRC.

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    Jacob Potts
    I need this car: I MUST have somewhere to play my cassette tapes!

    Seriously, this is a way cool car and I hope you get a good sale.

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