For Sale 1999 Ferrari 355 Berlinetta Red/Tan 21K Miles

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  1. Must see the interview we did with Piero Ferrari in Maranello!
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    Up for sale is my gorgeous, well sorted, low mileage, and extensively maintained 1999 Ferrari 355 F1 Berlinetta! I had this car previously for sale last year, but decided to hang onto it for a while longer. However, now with my F430 all ready to roll, it is time to sell my baby! I went ahead and did another thorough service (fully outlined below) to ensure everything is ready for the new owner. I also went ahead and dropped the price significantly to ensure a quick sale. New Price = $67,500.

    This car sits at just 21,985 original miles. This car was produced in late March 1999, and was one of the last 355's off the production line. This car has been babied it's whole life. Never launched, tracked, raced, or abused.

    Original documents in the owner's booklet date back to late 1998 before the car was even produced. Original records show the updates Ferrari gave to the original owner during the production process and up to the point of delivery. Maintenance and service records are present from new in 1999 up until now. Original complete tool kit (Including original tire inflator), owners manual, booklets, Ferrari indoor car cover, Ferrari seat dust covers, and brochures are all present as well.

    The car was delivered to Jupiter Florida where it spend most of its life, until it was sold to the 3rd owner in the mid west. I am the 4th owner. This car has been extensively maintained throughout its entire life. All maintenance is current and up to date, including the major service and clutch. All repairs and services were completed by the Ferrari dealership or by Ferrari certified experts.

    This car is in fantastic condition. Exterior is near perfect. No scrapes under front bumper. It does have a clear bra on the front end. Only one small defect that was touched up on rear bumper. Hard to see until up close. Interior is near perfect as well with no rips, or stains. Only minor defect is a small split in parking brake boot when in up position which is common on these cars. Still smells like new leather inside. No food, drink, or smoke has been in this car. Always garaged and not driven in poor whether. Car comes with a clean title in my name. This Ferrari has never been in an accident. Clean Carfax also ensures this car's originality and healthy history.
    Exterior= 9/10
    Interior= 9/10

    I recently took the car in for a final service, PPI, & clutch snap. As expected, the clutch wear is only at a small 3.1%. The rest of the PPI found that the motor mounts were ready for replacement, the fuel vent tube needed replacement, a hose in the power steering system was getting pinched causing a restriction, and the battery was beginning to fail. I went ahead and had the shop replace all of these parts. Brand new motor mounts, new power steering hose and fluid, new fuel vent tube, and a new battery ($2,213). All the other components in the car checked out just fine as anticipated. Here is a breakdown of the recent service history:

    Recent Service/Maintenance within the last 1,500 miles

    20,500 miles = Engine out service + alternator replaced = $11,755.50

    20,600 miles = Engine out to rebuild valves + new cylinder head gaskets = $10,337

    20,700 miles = Clutch fluid change, new alignment, full detail, replaced wipers, = $1,543

    20,946 = Complete clutch replacement, rebuild DualMass flywheel, complete F1 system refresh. = $6,746

    21,300 = Oil change using full synthetic shell 5w-40 oil and Ferrari oil filter kit.

    21,850 = Driver's side upper ball joint replaced.

    21,950 = Engine Motor Mounts, new power steering hose & fluid, replaced fuel vent tube, new battery = $2,213

    The engine out major service and engine out valve rebuild were completed about 4 years ago (mid 2014) at Boardwalk Ferrari in Plano, Texas. This means you will have a good amount of driving left before another major. The entire F1 system overhaul was done in mid 2016 at Competizione in Maryland. Everything was done with no expenses spared once again. A basic clutch job could be done for $2,000-$3,000 on these cars, however, I opted to replace/refinish every major component and sensor in the system. Hence the $6,700+ repair bill. All receipts are present and can be viewed.

    Upgrades within the last 1,500 miles

    - Brand new brakes on all four corners. New upgraded drilled rotors and pads all the way around. Calipers have been painted Yellow for a nice contrast in colors.

    - Brand new period correct Pirelli tires installed on all four corners within the last 1000 miles. ($1600)

    - Carbon Fiber paddle shifters installed to replace the cheap looking oem ones. These really set the interior off nicely.

    - Tan Sparco leather sport seats installed. These fit right in with the interior color/style and look OEM. No wear on them at all. Hold you in tight for a great driving experience.

    - Alcantara suede guage cluster housing with red contrasting sticking. Some sun fade, but looks great.

    - Upgraded factory option Ferrari sport wheels. This set ran about $2000 per wheel. They are in perfect brand new condition without a single defect.

    - Just recently installed a brand new Capristo Stage 3 Exhaust with Capristo test pipes. I went the extra mile and had the car shipped down to Capristo's facility in Florida to have them professionally install this exhaust system. This ensured the fitment and installation was perfect. This is hands down, without a doubt, one of the best sounding cars in the world! ($7,000+)

    - NO Sticky Buttons what so ever! Every piece has been addressed.

    - I do not have the original seats or stock wheels. You can most likely trade or sell these pieces for OEM parts (and have money left over) if that is what you prefer.

    Why am I selling?
    I am reluctantly selling my baby, but with 7 other cars, I don't drive it as often as I should. However, I try to get it out every weekend or two, to keep it active and keep all the parts in nice operating condition. This car will make for a phenomenal investment or new toy for someone. This car makes for a nice show car and a great driver. People stare wherever you go. I have enjoyed every bit of my time with this gem, but it is time for her to go to a new home. This is a rare opportunity to own the last classic Ferrari.

    Please email or direct message me if you have any questions or if you would like to come view the car in person. The car is located in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

    Thank you for viewing,

    HD Photo Album:
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    absolutely beautiful! This should move very quick.
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    fantastic detailed post.. and very reasonable asking price.. this car is very nicely equipped..!
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    James Moran
    What no videos?

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    they were always well aware what they were getting into with the car.. its all about the views..

    does not mean its not a good car. they simply had to get the clutch repaired when they took delivery and made it look like "OMG its already broken 10 feet away from trailer".. which was all part of the drama and to get a lot of views etc..

    but obviously they will have to deal with the flaming based on the content of the car floating on youtube etc..

    aside from those wheels, I'd say this is a bargain for this car..!
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    The owner of this car is one of the kids in the video - this is the car from the video.
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    Wow, this is THE 355F1 to get!

    Amazing, steal at this price, the new owner will be a lucky devil!
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    Video relates to OP and/or car for sale so complies with classified ad rules. Extraneous comments on it do not.

    F355 Fan 82 and Yellow Compass -

    You've both had the rules on classified ads explained extensively to you. Permanent thread ban plus 5-day site ban each for classified ad section violations.

    F335 Fan 82, you get to report the post, you do not get to engage.

    Yellow Compass, additional 2 days for personal attack on OP.
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    I remember showing your videos of this car to my friends back in the day to show a great example of what a 355 looks like!

    Why would you want to sell it?

    Trying to imagine what this car will be worth in the next 10-20 years, I'm tempted to buy as an investment!

    On a side note, this give me more reason to drive my 360 all the time as it'll probably be cheaper to maintain in the long run!
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    If you put the pic up instead of the link, you might get more biters!

    this car is art on wheels....

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    Ahhh life is good
    I might log on more for the next few days now that the threads aren't getting bombarded by the same redundant posts
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