For Sale 2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta, 8K miles, Rosso Corsa/Beige

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    2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta

    Available now at M. Brandon Motorcars:

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    VIN: ZFFZR52B000124025
    • Rosso Corsa exterior / Beige interior
    • Only 8K miles
    • #47 of 448 550 Barchettas made worldwide
    • 6-speed manual transmission
    • 5.5 liter V12 engine
    • All accessories and extensive service history present
    • The modern incarnation of the Daytona Spyder
    The 550 Maranello was Ferrari's return to the classic front-engine V12 layout, not seen since the 365 GTB/4 Daytona in the early Seventies. The V12 engine is an absolute masterpiece, producing 485 hp and 419 lb-ft of torque, with an almost completely flat torque band and that inimitable Ferrari V12 sound. A perfect 50/50 weight distribution creates a wonderful handling balance, which only gets better at speed. Finally, the 550 was the last Ferrari to have a 6-speed gated manual gearbox as the only transmission choice, before Ferrari started the inexorable transition to automated manuals.

    How could this get better? How about chopping the top off, in the style of the Daytona Spyder, adding carbon fiber race seats, carbon fiber and Alcantara interior trim, and limiting production to 448 cars worldwide? Hence the 550 Barchetta was created, the flagship of the Ferrari range in 2001 and one of the most sought-after and desirable modern Ferraris, being the last of the 6-speed, front engine, V12 Ferrari Spyders.

    This particular 550 Barchetta, #47 of the 448 made, is featured in the iconic livery of Rosso Corsa (“race red”) exterior over Beige leather interior. Only 8K miles are shown on the odometer, making this a very low mileage example of one of these special cars. The aforementioned race seats, as well as carbon fiber and Alcantara trim, fender shields, red calipers, and modular wheels are naturally present, as is the thundering 5.5 liter V12 engine coupled to the 6-speed gated manual transmission.

    Sold new in May 2001 in Monte Carlo, this 550 Barchetta was imported into the US that same year and federalized by G&K Automotive Conversion, and the US ownership and low mileage is well documented. Service records go back to 2005, and the last major service including timing belts change was performed less than 300 miles ago in 2016. The factory Certificate of Origin is present in its embossed booklet, as are the original title used to sell in the US and EPA/DOT import paperwork. Also present are the full set of factory books and leather pouch, red factory car cover and bag, radio code paperwork, original and never used canvas emergency top and frame in its bag, toolkit, and tire inflator bottle.

    I have driven this 550 Barchetta, and it is utterly amazing. Rock solid even without a top, there are no squeaks, rattles, or other untoward noises. The engine is extremely powerful, truly the definition of torque, and the feel of the gated 6-speed manual must be experienced. Handling is tight and true, and the brakes stop the car with authority.

    Not very long ago, it would have taken over half a million dollars to buy a 550 Barchetta. Prices have come down from that high, but still reflect how special and rare these cars are. This 550 Barchetta is priced right, and is a Ferrari that can not only sit proudly in a significant collection, but can also be driven and enjoyed by its next caretaker. For more information, please contact Michael Foertsch at or 832-617-0494.

    Full listing for more photos:

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    Nice example and great pics. I like the 360-style steering wheel in the euro cars, pairs with the sport seats better imo
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    that's probably a good buy. In 10 years that's a million dollar car.
  4. Natkingcolebasket69

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    Looking amazing! GLWS

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    Just a quick note about the seller; I was interested in a Ferrari advertised by Michael about 2 years ago but was unable to go to see it personally. His description of it was 100% accurate down to the smallest detail. He arranged for the PPI, negotiated an agreement with the consigner, coordinated necessary service and prepared the car for delivery. I just flew in, received the keys and had a lovely 2000 mile drive home. He was at all times, honest, transparent and charming. I would not hesitate to purchase from him again.
  6. Parnelli

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    Greg P
    Damn! That is a lot of car for the $$$
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    I remember just 36 short months ago, that 3 in the price tag would have been a 5

    on my bucket list!
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    Hal Pattalino
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    Not once out of warranty, the current situation, as I understand it is that dealers can refuse "factory support" of an "out of market" car.

    At this point on a 550 Barchetta, the origin is not important to a buyer in this range, IMO.

    As this car has the required EPA/DOT paperwork, it's "Legal in America"...
    Heck, it's ten blocks down my street, that's real temptation!!

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