For Sale 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider Yellow/Black (don't hesitate)

Discussion in 'Ferraris' started by The Nutsack, Jul 11, 2019.

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    $79,900 firm.
    14.5k miles
    Power seats
    Upgraded modular wheels
    Contrast (gray) interior stitching

    Hey all. After nearly 5 years of ownership, I'm selling my *excellent* 360 Spider F1. A brief history of the car:

    I purchased the car in 2014 from Lake Forest Ferrari. Paid $102k for what was (at that time) a pristine showroom time capsule car with only 2400 miles on it and 2 owners from new. Car was represented to me as sold and serviced at Lake Forest since new.

    I immediately invested in some upgrades:
    1. Clear film installed on the entire front, rockers, mirrors, etc.
    2. Passport radar detector with laser jam professionally installed and integrated into the rear view mirror.
    3. Installed Challenge Stradale TCU (MUST have).
    4. Installed Clarion Ferrari-licensed radio/nav/bluetooth (works GREAT for calls or streaming music).
    5. Replaced ash tray with carbon fiber cup holder.

    Over the first year or my ownership, the car needed to be sorted from such light use (average ~200 miles per year for the first 12 years of its life). These were all minor issues, all were completed by Lake Forest and the car has served me well for the last ~12k miles over 5 years.

    Other notes:
    * Car has always been kept in climate-controlled garage, always cared for properly and treated well. Never tracked or abused, driven and enjoyed responsibly.
    * All service records from my ownership are included, and a couple from before my ownership.
    * All books, keys, tools, etc are included.
    * The car is BONE STOCK other than my upgrades above. ALL original parts (radio, TCU, ash tray) are included if you prefer to return those to stock.
    * Never hit, never dented, never resprayed anywhere on the car. Paint was immaculate when I installed the clear bra.
    * Clean carfax too (available from link above)
    * NEW CLUTCH was just installed this year! should be close to 100% remaining on the clutch!
    * Next major service is due in 2020.
    * Stickies have never been fixed. They are not bad, and I don't think they are worth doing, but they are starting to get tacky.
    * Temp control middle dial is slightly broken, again never bothered to fix and functions perfectly. You can see in the picture. Ferrari wants $1500 to replace the entire A/C control unit or others on this board have offered to fix/replace just that knob for far, far less.
    * Car was just in for service, and has been totally check out in tip-top condition, ready to drive and enjoy. Other than these minor issues, car is mechanically excellent, runs and drives absolutely beautifully and tight.

    Car is being represented by Ferrari Lake Forest, and you will purchase directly from them. They are a reputable and excellent Ferrari dealer and will take great care of you.

    Please PM me with any questions if I can help. I am told he already has two buyers very interested (car is priced RIGHT) so don't hesitate if you have been looking for a GREAT driver 360 Spider with relatively low miles.

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    Your alias is “The Nutsack” ??? Lol ok.
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    Yes. In addition to getting a great car, you are getting a great car previously owned by The Nutsack. Bonus.
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