2010-11 Bentley Supersports opinions

Discussion in 'British' started by twist-a-grip, Dec 10, 2019.

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    Oct 25, 2013
    I need an AWD DD that is fun to drive, sounds good, reliable, downside of depreciation curve and under $100 - preferably a V12. I've never owned a V12, which is why a 10-11 Supersports popped up on my radar. Nice examples seem to be trading at $75-85, just a bit lower than $90-100 in 2015 (per another thread on here). Owners thoughts? Reliability? Things to check for? Thoughts on depreciation? Other cars I should consider? Would you stay away from the rear seat delete option that also adds the carbon crossbar and carbon race seats or does that ruin resale by making a 2+2 a 2+0? Are these even remotely "under the radar"?

    This is for my wife and she won't drive a Ferrari to work, so I can't get an FF which is what I really want. Aston reliabilty and maintenance scares me, as do CL65s. S65Cs have too much depreciation to go, plus I had a S63C - which is faster and sounds better than the S65C.

    Is there a good Bentley forum to search for info, because I've found nothing on the Supersports here on Fchat? I usually like to research things myself - who knows more about my needs than I - but I just can't find much more than mag/youtube reviews on the car.
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