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    I have a 2010 458 that came with the iPod interface cable and separately, it also has Bluetooth. The issue I’m having is when I plug my iPhone 6s into the iPod lighting cable/30 pin adaptor, I can stream music from Spotify through the interface but I can’t use the Bluetooth function of the phone for calls. Separately, when the iphone is not connected to the iPod cable but is connected to Bluetooth, I can make calls but not stream music. When I’m connected only on Bluetooth I can’t figure out how to simply play music through the Bluetooth and not even have to bother with the iPod adaptor. Am I doing something wrong here? How can I both listen to music and also make and receive voice calls at the same time? I want to be able to stream music and have the system pause when I get an incoming call. Wondering if I didn’t set something up correctly. Is it possible to connect to Bluetooth and simply stream music as well and not other with the iPod adaptor, or does the iPhone absolutely have to be physically plugged into the iPod cable to be able to also play music?

    This is what I get for buying a 2010, but hey, it’s charming. Any advice is appreciated from owners of early model 2010-2012 458’s that can offer insight! Thank you, gentlemen.

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    Many discussions on these issues. You definitely cannot stream bluetooth music directly from your phone. if you want to stream music you'll either need to connect directly as you have, or try Bovee (which are very inconsistent) or an FM tuner (nearby thread I'm not sure why your phone won't do bluetooth calls while physically connected, maybe someone else can share their experiences with that.

    If you don't have to stream music, the hard drive or an old iPod work great.

  4. martinofoz

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    Dec 1, 2012
    I've got a 2011 458 and had same issue. Got an old iPod off ebay loaded my songs and use that. The small square ipod one with the 30pin input. The menu shows up on the right hand dash screen and works well. My iPhone 11 bluetooth works whilst this is playing. Pauses for calls etc...Haven't tried loading onto the cars harddrive. My phone is not physically connected - just bluetooth. Don't use it much though as much prefer the noise from over my shoulder.....
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    I have a 2011. I have the Bovee adapter plugged into the IPod connector. Works really well for streaming music over Bluetooth from phone, can skip tracks etc. Phonecalls work over Bluetooth fine as because music streaming from phone it turns off when you get a call. Works well for me but know other owners have had a problem, I disconnect it after every drive and reconnect before next drive and haven’t had any problems. I got my Bovee 1000 from EBay. Hope this helps

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