For Sale 2015 FERRARI 458 SPECIALE - $396,500

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    2015 FERRARI 458 SPECIALE - $396,500
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    K. Watts and Company is proud to represent this 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale from the private collection of a great client. Featured in rarely seen White with the Nart Racing stripes and leather interior. This car has been cherished from new with only 2,700 miles and has been expertly maintained by Authorized Ferrari dealers and carries Ferrari CPO extended warranty.

    The condition could only be described as exceptional. Factory Options Include Goldrake Racing Seats, Leather Upholstery, Leather Lower Tunnel, Leather Wheel Arches, Leather Headliner, Leather Rear Shelf, Colored Mats with Logo, Colored Special Stitching, Inn/Out electric mirror + Home link, Engine Covers in Carbon Fiber, Red Brake Calipers and “Speciale Features”. This may just be the last naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari will EVER make and this is one of the best spec’d (in our opinion) we have seen. It’s easy to go out and buy another Rosso Red, but one of this caliber is truly one of those “go find another” examples.
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    That is absolutely stunning. Love the color combo. Too bad it’s above my price range. I’d love to see the Scud in that color combo go up for sale. I’d snag it in a heartbeat. GLWS
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    Beautiful! Someone will own a fantastic looking car
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    Scott S
    Where is nart racing stripe?

    Like the flag front Louvres.....
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    Lovely unique car, but NART? lol

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    google nart racing stripes - looks like nart to me ;-)
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    this might be the perfect car

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