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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by blabardi, Dec 31, 2018.

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    Hoping someone can help me out with some advice or similar situations. I have a 2015 Ghibli S Q4 I Purchased new from the dealer. The dealer subsequently sold it’s Maserati franchise in so I went to another Maserati dealer recently for service. It was just routine service with the exception of a complaint about the front suspension being too low and bottoming out. I was advised there is a known issue with the front suspension. After spending 15 days at the dealer, the issue was repaired with new front suspension in the service completed. Almost immediately, I noted what seemed to be a transmission issue. So back to the dealer the car went. The issue was identified as not resetting the electronic sensors in the front suspension so the transmission thought it was constantly going uphill due to the now corrected hire a ride height. The car was there for one day. The following morning, I started the car and stopped at a bakery on my way to work. Upon returning to the car, it was totally dead. Would not do anything and had to be towed to the dealer. It’s been there for the past 15 days. I’m being told a number of things including it was a battery issue, and that now the check engine light is on related to some sort of fuel injection problem with cylinder six. Maserati corporate has been involved and advised me the dealer cannot repair so they were sending some sort of master of Maserati mechanic to go take a look. Anyone else have issues like this? What is going on here and what do I do?
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    If there are Maserati forums, you might want post there. Not trying to be snarky, I actually think your chances of getting a helpful reply is higher if you post in the right place.

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    Already done. Thanks.
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    I owned a 16 and fortunately didn't have those issues. Good luck, keep us posted on what the resolution was!

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