2016 Auto Show at McCormick

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    Jun 22, 2003
    I remember well the first Chicago Auto Show that I attended. It was in 1970. I was wearing a suave bola sweater with a black umbrella in hand. There was a like "British Racing Green" 2+2 Ferrari on display as the only car from the mark. There was an older guy with the car, gray hair and dandruff all over his suit coat. He said they had just done a car like this for a lady with the section between the back seats specially changed for her dog to sit in. The gentleman said to me that he could let me have this car for a special price. The original price was like $14,500 and I could have it for $13,800. I told him I didn't like the color.

    (I used to stop by John Hadjuk's garage when he was in Bensenville till the late '70s [John and I had other mutual interests other than cars]. He had so many Ferraris that he had or knew of that I could have purchased. He told me that Ferrari dealers were selling new cars for $500 over cost at the end of their review period just so they could keep receiving more cars to sell. I remember, I think it was a 330 coupe that I could purchase for $15K. John said it needed about $3,000 in work. Hm...Hmm....

    QUOTE=norbert;144509360]Carol and I went on Tuesday...Unless there is an in advance car (s) that we really want to see, we don't care to be planning to attend next year. The noise of some of the exhibits just showed no caring by the management of the exhibitors that were near them. In the end, the two of use were disappointed even though we just wanted to see a few cars that we planned to see on our list. Glad the show is close even though the traffic in was not good...Still if you want to view all the car offerings under one roof at one time....It is still close for sure.....[/QUOTE]

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