2020 Auto Italia Canberra cancelled.

Discussion in 'Australia' started by wrxmike, Mar 17, 2020.

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    From the organisers;

    Official Announcement - Auto Italia

    The Auto Italia Organising Committee has, after very careful consideration and with regret, decided to cancel this year’s event.

    Auto Italia is a not for profit organisation that heavily relies on the income it is able to generate annually from ticket sales, entrants fees and sponsorship.

    As we foreshadowed recently on social media the cancellation of this year’s event has become a reality not only as a result of government intercession but more importantly the serious financial impact that will certainly occur due the lack of attendance by both entrants and spectators due the impact of the Covid-19 virus.

    Auto Italia has considered the possibility of rescheduling this year’s event to later in 2020. However, we have decided that option is also not financially viable as it would mean the likelihood of having two events occur within a space of six or so months.

    We are currently working with third party service providers to refund both entrants and spectators who have made purchases through our website. We are informed the refunds may take some time to process so please be patient with us in this regard.

    We will also be in contact with our valued sponsors and vendors to make any necessary arrangements regarding refunds.

    Finally, we certainly appreciate the tremendous support we enjoy from all our supporters and hope you will understand our decision and we look forward to your ongoing support to make Auto Italia 2021 bigger and better than ever."
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    Shame however their hand was forced as we know due the Gov limiting the number of people.
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