219 MPH on the Freeway in a Lambo

Discussion in 'Arizona & New Mexico' started by DM1, Nov 28, 2007.

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    In front of you
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    ...age old question:

    What's the last thing every idiot driver says before stacking his car?

    WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!
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    I know a couple other Fchatters here know the story

    but years ago a local and well know Porsche enthusiast would video tape his jaunts on the backroads of Arizona. One day he was pulled over after a few people complained. Cops saw the camera. Cops demanded the video. Porsche enthusiast complied. A few weeks go by and the enthusiast gets a ticket for EVERYTIME he gives a voice over of his speed (when speeding of course). As I remember he was issued dozens and dozens of tickets. Big trouble.

    In the end he was socked with a HUGH fine and HUGH legal bills ..not sure if he went to jail though
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    *back from lunch*

    Chill dude, jus' chill........and please don't confuse ME with a High Net Worth Indidvidual, I'm divorced.
    My first Ferrari cost me a three bedroom brick home and 12 years of Child Support @35% off the gross.

    But I was taught to drive by Mario Andretti, worked Track Design for Newman/Haas and have AJ Foyt stickers on the rear racing career as well as my charity work is all pretty well documented if you know where to look.

    My POINT is this is unacceptable behavior on Public Roads....anytime........anywhere.

    You DO however have some folks responding on this thread that could cut a check today for everything you have ever touched in your life, so pay attention. My comments towards you (a total newb here, I might add) were strictly related to your attiude on law enforcement, the trampling of individual rights to serve the safety of society as a whole.....

    You are just way off base man.

    I want you to go join the local 100 Club, post a picture of the receipt ($100 is required, you need a loan?) and today's newspaper, and maybe drop by the local Firefighter's Union Hall and see if they need any help building bicycles for Christmas!!
    We have the Fourth Man Foundation here, supporting the use of full crews on the trucks, in lieu of riding 'short' with 3 men.

    Google it if you need more info.

    Now peace out, I have to go wash my hands now from typing to you, and mosey off into another's a silver bullet.

    "Hi-yo Silver.......awaaaaaaaaaaay"
  4. acstr

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    Sep 13, 2007
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Again, BigTex thank you for more insults. I googled the 100 club and it sounds like a great cause. However, how come if I started a cause to raise money for a family that had a person killed by an abusive/ crazy cop or one of their stray bullets I would be a considered a "jerk by society"? You are very one sided and you don't see the whole picture. My two problems/ opinions you disagree with are crooked cops (those who feel entitled and above the law the second they pin on the badge and strap the firearm, to go out and harass others with their power just because they can) and other people who feel it's neccessary to go out of their way to possibly ruin someone's life (in this case posting picture evidence) in an incident that doesn't concern them to begin with (stackhouse).

    Please re-read my post about the wealth comment right after you told me how low my IQ is and some nonsense about how you are from some ghetto in Texas and you are a gangster with a crooked hat or whatever you claimed. I 100% agreed with you by saying your right because if I was smart I would have a lot more, quite possibly like many of the people here. I do consider myself a poor scumbag because I'm not capable of writing a $100 million dollar check like an average middle class American can. I beat myself up over this everyday and continue to work as hard as possible so I can achieve the things I really desire in life. So again I agree I'm retarded or otherwise you would see my name, Adam Collins listed in the Forbes American list.

    You were the first to insult and I have not sent any back. I agree we should go back to work and stop wasting time with this because we are both still dirt poor and need to really pickup the pace to become at least average middle class American's living the dream. Maybe then people will argue on forum's about how we drive our cars rather than us doing so about a guy who obviously runs a company much better than we do ours. Until then my fastest car will hardly exceed 200 so nobody needs to worry about me...

    Oh, and the Democrats already take to much of my money for unmotivated people and whatever else they waste it on, so I may need that $100 afterall...
  5. BT

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    Bill Tracy
    I am offended also by cops on a power binge harassing people. I am offended by politicians taking money for political favors. I am offended by a driver who does not care about the safety of others on the road by drinking and driving. I am offended by a driver who does not care about the safety of others on the road by driving 219 mph on a public freeway. I am sure I offend some people sometimes. I would not be bragging about drinking and driving, nor would I brag (and post) about driving at over 3 times the legal limit. I am a car enthusiast, and I would not hesitate to give the driver the maximum sentence allowed by law. Imagine what the typical conservative driver will do.
  6. copterjon

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    Nov 11, 2005
    Mesa, Az.
  7. Tarek K.

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    Tarek K.
    That wasn't called for.......isn't our business to identify people.
  8. Tarek K.

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    Tarek K.
    +1..........discussing the driver's stupidity is one thing, identifying him is something else, which IMO is not our business.
  9. DetroitDetomaso

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  10. Napolis

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    Jim Glickenhaus
    As a smart man on Allan's site (RakJoe) said Rob painted a bulls eye on his own head.

    Google: He's pulled the site down, kind of like shutting the barn door after the horse is gone but the pages and pages of references will give a fair minded individual an idea who was responsible for bringing this run and other's to the attention of the authorities.

    As Pogo said: "We have met the enemy and he is us."
  11. Tarek K.

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    Tarek K.
    I personally don't think anyone is that foolish to publish and present evidence of an act one did himself, therefore convicting himself.........someone is after him and someone wants him down.
  12. Napolis

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    Jim Glickenhaus

    Sadly he's the one that posted and bragged about these videos. He brought this down upon himself.

  13. Tarek K.

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    Sep 7, 2006
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    Tarek K.
    Just read the article. Definitely a very foolish act on behalf of the driver. The video is still on youtube though, I just watched it:
    I am sure the current investigation and media coverage of the incident, even if it does not result in convicting the driver, will deter the driver as well as others from repeating such an act of foolishness.
  14. wax

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    Dirty Harry
    Best thing to do when one tapes one's own confession, and signs one's own indictment written in their own hand, complete with name, rank, and serial number is plead nolo contendere.
  15. rakjoe

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    Joe R.
    That story about Rob reminded me of another story (most likely an urban legend) about a guy who I will call Billy Bob..

    From :

    The Arizona Highway Patrol were mystified when they came upon a pile of smoldering wreckage embedded in the side of a cliff rising above the road at the apex of a curve. The metal debris resembled the site of an airplane crash, but it turned out to be the vaporized remains of an automobile. The make of the vehicle was unidentifiable at the scene.

    The folks in the lab finally figured out what it was, and pieced together the events that led up to its demise.

    It seems that a former Air Force sergeant had somehow got hold of a JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off) unit. JATO units are solid fuel rockets used to give heavy military transport airplanes an extra push for take-off from short airfields.

    Dried desert lakebeds are the location of choice for breaking the world ground vehicle speed record. The sergeant took the JATO unit into the Arizona desert and found a long, straight stretch of road. He attached the JATO unit to his car, jumped in, accelerated to a high speed, and fired off the rocket.

    The facts, as best as could be determined, are as follows:

    The operator was driving a 1967 Chevy Impala. He ignited the JATO unit approximately 3.9 miles from the crash site. This was established by the location of a prominently scorched and melted strip of asphalt. The vehicle quickly reached a speed of between 250 and 300 mph and continued at that speed, under full power, for an additional 20-25 seconds. The soon-to-be pilot experienced G-forces usually reserved for dog-fighting F-14 jocks under full afterburners.

    The Chevy remained on the straight highway for approximately 2.6 miles (15-20 seconds) before the driver applied the brakes, completely melting them, blowing the tires, and leaving thick rubber marks on the road surface. The vehicle then became airborne for an additional 1.3 miles, impacted the cliff face at a height of 125 feet, and left a blackened crater 3 feet deep in the rock.

    Most of the driver's remains were not recovered; however, small fragments of bone, teeth, and hair were extracted from the crater, and fingernail and bone shards were removed from a piece of debris believed to be a portion of the steering wheel.

    and now the rest of the story:

    Our hero Billy Bob was making some extra cash on the side to help finance the build of his Jet Impala, by simply making small deposits to his local sperm bank's Arizona branch he just scratched enough dough to build the monster.

    20 years later his son has been finally found... :D
  16. Mr. Vroom

    Mr. Vroom Karting

    Mar 7, 2007
    I would chip in a few bucks for this guy's legal defense fund. Hopefully, y'all downloaded the high defintion version of this vid, including the snitches and hypocrites in our midst. I doubt we will be seeing anything like this anytime soon. That video is an internet classic, and it's maker is a misguided peformance artist. Figures, his homies would be the first to cast stones.

    I am not advocating anyone to try to duplicate his trip to the edge, and yes it was stupid, irresponsible, brings us all unwanted heat, etc. But nobody dies and no animals were harmed in the making of this vicariously entertaining video!

    Buck up, stfu, and don't throw one of your own to the mob!
  17. Napolis

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    Jim Glickenhaus
    Mr Vroom

    He threw himself to the mob.

    IMO that wasn't driving. This is driving:

    Impressive engineering and results on your TT G BTW. How is it on the street? Is it fun? How much torque are you making at what revs?



  18. def

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    Well thats not smart. They'll catch him and probably make an example of him. I went to the "azstreetscene" site that is mentioned in the original video... wow
  19. 410SA

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    Lambo boy should bring his car to Firebird in the morning and see how it goes around corners. It's a whole different story when you have to turn the wheel :)
  20. pat_ernzen

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    Patrick Ernzen
    You're going to be there, right? Brining the 599? Someone mentioned something about someone brining an Enzo and 599, so I assumed it was you. I'm thinking about trying to make it out there to grab some pics... well, if it isn't raining anyway.
  21. show time

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    I have a great idea! How about I get a video camera, I grab my Glock and my "Hommie" we run out onto Scottsdale Road at 3am - I squeeze off a few rounds...maybe empty a clip, we toss that bad boy up on the internet and all sit back and have a good chuckle.

    Whats the big deal right? I didnt hit anyone, no animals got hurt, but what the hey it was fun, who cares if I just broke a few laws right? I got the cred, respect, and glory of being the next misguided internet artist.

    God I love the Internet.

  22. djui5

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    Aug 9, 2006
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Yep, pink underwear..hahahahahah

    When it's your wife or mother or father he plows into doing 219mph, maybe you'll think differently? I know if this quack were to hit my wife while driving that fast, if he survived, it would be the last time he drove anything anywhere. We as automobile enthusiasts need to take a stand against this kind of reckless behavior. There is a time and place for that kinda speed, but on the 202 at 3PM ISN'T IT! This kind of driving is doing no good for anyone. What good is having a car if your dead and can't enjoy it?

    Call me a hater all you want but that guy is a f'n idiot. He deserved to wear pink boxers.
  23. Mr. Vroom

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    Mar 7, 2007
    Thanks man, I am having a blast with the TT G..... I did a legal(runway) 200+mph run a couple of months ago, and it was a thrill! Car and Driver magazine will be featuring the car this February as part of a super tuner shootout. I can't reveal the results, but they were impressive. Torque curve is around 500 ftlbs, don't have the sheet but it peaks out high.

    Regarding the hullabaloo..... this guy posted numerous speeding vids, all of them leading up to his top end moon shot effort. I have seen many of them posted on various boards, and until the press and church ladies got a hold of it, I can't recall anyone taking a dump on him, warning him, advising him not to risk his life and property making these crazy vids. He received nothing but praise and adoration, from his internet fan base. Granted, he is playing to a dumb audience and he should of known better, but many of us egged him on, and supported his efforts during the "RUNUP" to this PR debacle.
  24. jmlinmn

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    Feb 5, 2007
    MN, AZ, FL
    When one takes the attitude that law enforcement is out there to "getcha" and one then believes that people who turn in offenders are snitches and not to be trusted, well, then you deserve the neighborhood, city, and society that you get.
  25. LuisGT3

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