250 California LWB in the new Tarantino movie...

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    For those that enjoy car spotting in movies as much as I do, a red 250 California LWB features prominently in a parking lot scene early on in Tarantino's new film, "Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood". The film is set in Hollywood during 1969.

    Unlike some of you here, I am unable to tell in the short time it's on screen if it's real or a fake. Given the insurance liability I'd guess a fake or rebody, but given Tarantino's extreme tendencies for authentic and period correct everything, and the fact that there are likely a few "California's" in California somewhere, it might be the real deal.

    Either way it appears twice in the segment. Once quickly in the background and once featured prominently in aerial view profile for what seemed like 5-10 seconds. It seems either Tarantino or his Productionn Designer thought the car emblematic of the period.

    There are also several other great cars of the era in the film, including a nice 911 driven by Sharon Tate.

    Happy hunting!
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    I also say the movie last night, loved it, and spotted the red Ferrari. Not sure if it was a Cal Spider or a Series II cabriolet, and if it was real or not. Great movie, he absolutely nailed the feel of 1969 with the cars, movie marquees, restaurants and music. Sharon Tate’s 911 was gorgeous, as was Margo Robbie as Sharon Tate!
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    Yeah it was great. A Porsche-phile friend pointed out that they used 3 different 911's for the film and all were in too late. Lol, so who knows.

    But yes the movie was a lot of fun and the representations of real people were fun and pretty well done, I thought.
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    Saw the movie yesterday and to my eye (untrained on Cal Spiders, having only worked one Comp. LWB few years ago) it had an appearance of one of those fiberglass fakes.

    P.S. As for the movie itself, IMO it was the first one slowing the downward spiraling respect for Q.Ts film making I used to have prior to “K.B. I-II”.
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    Im guessing it was a fake.
    I did love the movie though.
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    100% fake. The same kit car has been parked on PCH for the last week or so.
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    Andrew Menasce
    Any screenshot?
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    California Spyder is a fake and Sharon's 911S is a 1973. I believe that Roman Polanski had a 4cam at the time and they had his character driving a MG TD? The movie was good but slow and too long, typical Tarrantino gratuitous violence. Margot Robbie makes it all worthwhile.
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