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    May 23, 2011
    Chris, 1493 has the knee bolster you mention. Drum brakes, inside plug, no reverse light, Lucas distributors. Also it has 16" rims, which seems like another variable on the 250pf.
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    Jonathan Gillon
    We would welcome any history for the following vehicle, currently being restored and reunited with it's original engine.

    Model: Pininfarina 250 GT
    Year: 1960
    Country: New Zealand
    Steering: LHD
    Chassis number: 1733
    Pininfarina body number: 27886
    Ferrari colour: Grigo Fumo
    Interior colour: Tan
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    Pablo Medina
    Hello Marcel
    First of all I wanted to express my admiration towards your vast knowledge on Ferrari´s history.
    For this reason I wanted to ask if you can kindly give me any information on #2101 (250GT PF Cabriolet II)
    Its been in my family since day 1 but according to my uncle, who purchased the car in 1960, this unit was initially ordered by Gianni Agnelli who changed his mind before she was delivered to him and order a more powerful Superamerica passing on the 250 to his nephew in law, my uncle Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe . This would justify the covered headlights, 16 inch wheels and parts of the body with un removed blue paint .
    Thank you very much for your help
    Best wishes
    Pablo Hohenlohe

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    Brian, there used to be a machine shop east of LA. that had it down. They jigged up the entire rear axle in a giant lathe, cut it apart, and welded in the Ford center section. Cheaper than Ferrari parts, and better reliability.
    I plead guilty to having done so.
    Yes, back in the day they were hard to sell; as said, "too conservative." I always thought they were sweet, but many buyers wanted something more racy.
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