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    I recently purchased the bill of sale for this car along with several photos. I do not own it or know the current owner.I found the hood on this car to be very interesting and have not seen another like this. It was purchased used for 11k in 1971.The car is a 1967 grey/blue.This car was imported by Chinetti and purchased by a gentleman in Georgia.The owners son told me his father sold the car for 17k and was so happy to make money on the sale. The reason it was sold was he could not justify owning it once the U.S. speed limit law was introduced.I believe 1974.

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    FAF Motor Cars in Atlanta Georgia had the car in 1977 . Price was 23,500 .

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    This car was sold new to Italy and does in fact have several unique features, including the hood scoops. In 1971 it was sold to Louis J. Hegedus of Austell, Georgia, USA. He kept the car until 1977. The car went through a few more US owners before being sold to Switzerland in 1989. By 1997 it was in Italy and I believe that is where it currently resides.

    Thanks for the early photos, very neat.

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    Yes.thats correct. most likely in Italy. As posted on below on

    275 GTB/4 10595 yellow/black LO 002808 Umberto Falchetti I 188
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    Louis Hegedus was my uncle. I remember as a child him coming over to visit driving this Ferrari and letting my father take it for a spin. He told me before his death that at the time he purchased somewhere in New England ( i can't recall where exactly ) that he and his wife at the time test drove on a track where she actually drove faster than his nerves allowed him to.Prior to this car he owned early 60's Jaguar XKE
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