303 HP at the rear wheels, fast van

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by ART360, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. ART360

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    1984 Chevy Van, bought new, never wrecked, decided to make it a little fasters: Finally got the van dyno'd: 303 HP at the rear wheels. Came standard with 215HP gross. 350 CI, with a 400 crank, .100 overbore, 10:1 pistons, Corvette dual port injection, manley valves, Isky Roller cam, headers, and big exhaust. Should make it easy to tow the 360, and or the carts. Interior re-done with great Sony stereo, new wheels and tires (chrome 245x15s) and tires, positraction rear end. Anyone else with a hot rod?

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