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308 marker lights were all out - popped fuse

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by LSU348, Jan 31, 2004.

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    Dec 19, 2003
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    When I got my 85 308 QV the LF & RR marker lights and right rear yellow running light (circular light) did not work. The fuse controlling them would pop when I turned the lights on. Today, I finally had time to hunt it down.

    If you ever have this problem start with the RR marker light (the one to the outside of where the antenna protrudes. It appears that a previous owner rewired the light and used slip on electrical connectors. (now the speculation begins) An aftermarket stereo and amp were installed with the amp being placed in the "trunk" on the right up against the wall closest to the engine. When it was installed I am sure all of the little carpet covers were pulled to access the wiring. It had all been put back in wrong. Note that the little bump that looks like a fender on the main cover goes over the marker light wires - mine was misinstalled and was pushing the slip on wires together. I just thoroughly electrical taped the two connectors then moved them away from each other. Then correctly installed the little cover. New fuse installed - no short. All the lights work now. Talk about a relief.

    To Ferrari's credit, when you have a fault like this you will always have a running light on each side of your car as the fuses cover alternate sides. Kind of nifty. I feel like a smaller cop target now at night.

    If you are working with electrics take off your watch and any jewelry. There are lots of things they can get hung on and if you are working on a hot system with a volt/ohm meter you might light yourself up in a not so fun way. I deenergized the whole system before chasing wires.

    The little carpet covers should all go in without much force - you are not doing it right if you have to push hard. The one over the marker lights should be aligned properly then put flat on the bottom of the storage area. Then place your forearm on the bottom and push it over the marker light wires (and around the antenna cluster if doing it on the right side) until it is in place. Mine went in easily.

    Now to chase down that fuel smell (breather hose I think) and I'll have a very happy 308. Note - no fuel leaks.

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