308 smoking

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Hopper, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Grog like post ! :)
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    You’re the BEST! NO YOUR the best! NO, YOUR THE BEST!!
    (rolls eyes)
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    Steve D.
    The best know when to be quiet and watch, and it has been proven in this thread.

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    I'm not quite clear on whether the smoke is coming from inside the exhaust pipe, or a fluid dripping on to the hot pipe and smoking.

    Kinda need more info than "hot exhaust make smoke don't want" before one starts pulling parts out of the car.
  5. scowman

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    Stu Boogie
    just pull the plugs and look at them. You will learn a lot about the car. If brake fluid is leaking you will see it in the plugs. Not likely though.
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    Tim Keseluk
    What does brake fluid on the plugs look like? You should be able to narrow down the problem without removing plugs. It's a fair amount of work.
  7. scowman

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    Stu Boogie
    Really? Think about it. You’ve all been trolled by the red herring. Pull the damn plugs and figure out what is wrong. It’s just a car guys.
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    So you are advocating sniffing, licking and looking at a soiled rag and all of that from just standing behind the, you are the nuts!
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    I have known and read Rifledrivers posts for years and he knows a lot of stuff!
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    He should do, he has been at it for a long time. I had to laugh at the rag sniffing theory though, its surprising what you learn in 30+ years
  11. Andy 355

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    Someone posts a ridiculous question with no basis or reasoning & everyone runs off at the mouth with no sign of the original poster. Smoke from right exhaust, 4 words and its on!!!! Lol
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    One thing I didn't see mentioned. The 308/328 cars will naturally produce more steam/smoke out of the right side tail pipe due to the design of how the manifolds are connected to the muffler. Much more noticable in colder ambient temperatures.

    Top off as a control, then drive and monitor your fluid levels. Oil, brake fluid and coolant. If any one of those starts disappearing at a higher rate then have found your culprit. Next is to find the cause.
  14. racerboy9

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    I had a MGC once that had brake boosters that were bad. Looked like I was fogging for mosquitoes!
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    Mark W.R.
    In the Military I have known many 'Motor Officers' (really Maintenance Techs) and NCOs. They were responsible for keeping several hundred vehicles, each, Fully Mission Capable, 24x7x365.25. And they were DAMN GOOD at it.

    Point being, they never 'Broke Wind,' let alone 'Broke a Seal' on ANYTHING without checking EVERYTHING out FIRST; Visually. Then starting 'it;' checking again Visually and adding Listening and then letting it run 10+ minutes and checking it AGAIN Visually and Listening.

    A piece of 'filter paper' over the exhaust was also almost always applied.

    Once all clues were gathered and inspected and analysed by the Motor Officer/Maint Tech did I EVER see a mechanic reach for a wrench.


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    john truskowski
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    Don Bartz
    I think the car should maybe start to's supposedly better than smoking
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