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  1. Mark Young

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    Mark Young
    hi folks,

    I'm fairly new to Ferrari chat. I am about ready to start a few minor maintenance procedures to my 82 308 this winter and one of them is a timing belt change. The question I have is that I heard that Dayco makes a replacement belt. Unfortunately I'm having a little trouble finding a part number. I will admit I'm not the smartest cat in the alley when it comes to surfing the net or their web site when it comes to finding the number.
    However i do know my way around tool box,( 30 years aircraft mechanic).
    So if anyone out there knows the part number from Dayco for 82 308 Ferrari ( 2 valve) timing belt I would appreciated before I put my fist through this marvel of modern progress we call a computer. Just kidding, the wife would kill if the computer ended up on the front lawn.

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  2. George Vosburgh

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    When you replace the timing belt , please replace the timing belt bearing tensioner as well . I installed an after market tensioner made by Hill Engineering .
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    Might as well do the water pump "while you're in there" too if you don't know the last time it was done. :)
  5. Ricambi America

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  6. Mark Young

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    Sep 5, 2018
    lawrencetown NSCanada
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    Mark Young
    Thanks guys, Good advice.

  7. srephwed

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    fred brown
    Birdman Ferrari also has a very good lesson on belt installation. It is actually a pretty simple process. Making sure the belts go on exactly as removed is extremely important as is belt tension.
  8. tr0768

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    Howard Musolf
    Talk with Daniel and ask if he has a reseal kit including valve cover gaskets cam seals. As long as you got the front opened up, its easy to replace the seals and idlers. This is an easy engine to work on. I used a new hi output water pump from Forza in Bellingham Wa. I would ask Daniel if he has a similar pump.

    Just a word of experience, its less expensive to replace all the consumable parts once you are "in there", than to have a failure shortly after you button everything up and have go back inside.

    just suggestin'

  9. scowman

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    Stu Boogie
    Good time to replace the ac compressor too. The seal likely leaks by now if it has not been replaced.
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