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Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by pma1010, Aug 29, 2004.

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    Having just put adjustable collars on the shocks, I am trying to set the ride height. Here are the specs today:
    - F: 3.5 deg neg camber; stock caster (4); no toe
    - R: 2.5 deg neg camber; stock toe
    - Rake: 1 1/4 inches measured from chassis rails, center of each axle
    - Rear lower control arms parallel to ground @ 34 psi; (front a dihedral, set by rake)
    - Ride height: F, 2 5/8 inches (chassis to ground, middle of control arm); R: 3 7/8

    Precise setting will change after corner weighting, but in general, anyone have experience with running different ride heights? This is where we need Mitch and Rob!
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    Carl Jones
    Hi Phil,

    Yes, two years of palying with the ride height on a 308 GTB. The ride height issue is meaningless without knowing the tyre size if you are quoting chassis height.

    Seocndly, you are not running any where near enough toe for a track setting. You need at least 5mm total on the back of a 308. Finally, what caster are you running?


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    Here's more data:
    Front: 205/55 x16; have run 225/50x16; Rear: 245/45 x16. All at 34 psi.
    Ride height = chassis measurements.
    Castor 4 degrees (F)
    Rear toe (stock) so 3 to 4 mm (I don't have the alignment sheet to hand).
    ARB (adj) setting: (F) 18/[22] mm; (R) [16]/18mm

    Rear of car has been well planted before changing to adjustable collars on the shocks but ride height was an inch or so higher (F) with little/no rake.

    Turn in has been fine (to my relatively untrained hands).

    Issue has been mid-corner understeer reflecting weight shift F->R under acceleration when using only mildly uprated springs (~+30%). Have since put on 350lb F, 275lb R springs.

    All ride height settings will change (slightly?) from corner weighting (to come - I am trying to see if I am in the ballpark with others' experiences).

    Hope to try it all at Grattan & Road America next month.

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