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    I need some help from someone else with this model.

    The oil cooler mounting is different then US models.

    My car looks odd. Looks like the mounting and shroud have been rigged up. Possibly the oil lines were replaced with one that were to long which led to the modifications.

    Would someone be kind enough to shoot some pictures of their mounting, shroud, and routing of their oil lines?

    thanks in advance.
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    This is the only decent picture I have that shows the cooler. You can see the routing of the lines and the position of the cooler, but not the shroud. The shroud is just a formed piece that attaches to the front of the cooler with a round air intake hole pointing toward the front of the car, but the detail is obscured by the shock.

    It looks like there should be some type of duct between the exit of the external intake scoop and the cooler shroud, but on my car there isn't. In fact, the hose that runs to the top of the cooler is directly in the path of where it looks like a duct would go.

    I never realized that the difference in cooler mounts was due to the Euro spec design. Mine was the first 328 I looked at, and I just assumed that the cooler mounting had been changed from the 308's I had looked at. I guess I can add this part to the fairly short list of items I hope don't break that are unique to the Euro model.
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    This is from the '87 spare parts catalog, FWIW.

    It looks like the euro and US versions are inverted. In the US, the airflow seems to go outboard to inboard, while the euro appears to have the cooler flipped around with the lines forward and the airflow from the scoop through the shroud towards outboard.
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