328 GTS - How to remove passenger seat

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  1. My car stereo no longer works, and I need to remove the passenger seat to get at the equipment. All I can see and get to are two bolts on the front of the rails. How do I get access to the back two bolts? I tried moving the seat all the way forward to no avail.
  2. Glassman

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    Same size bolts at the back. Just find them.
  3. ferrame

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    The seat should be moved forward far enough to get access to the bolts unless the rail got stuck.
    I had removed both driver and passenger seats before.
  4. maurice70

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    maurice T
    The stereo can be easily removed without removing the seats though..
  5. thorn

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    Why? Just curious.
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    I'm guessing he has amps under the seat?
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    Brian Brown
    Sometime the seat rails/mechanism will jam, not allowing full movement of the seat. You can try lubing the rails to see if it helps you allow access to the bolt. Even with full movement, there is not much access to the bolt heads. I have cut down an allen wrench to allow better access to the bolt head.

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