328 handling caveats?

Discussion in '308/328' started by ducowti, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. bill brooks

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    bill brooks

    honestly most corners seem to show the understeer. i do tend to use the throttle to attempt to "steer"
    the car. when the car is turned into a corner you can feel the understeer begin until it finally washes
    out and you feel the tires slip. the attitude seems to be of no consequence. downhills or flat corners
    are pretty much the same.i have not tried to provoke oversteer since we're talking public roads with
    other cars, deer, etc. most folks get annoyed at hotdoggers, especially driving red italian cars.
    i agree that the alignment needs checked. also it could be i'm not used to the kumhos. this is a tire
    i'm completely unfamiliar with. nevertheless, understeer is understeer.
    if a few others care to comment, i'd get a better consensus of how the car typically behaves.
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  3. robbie

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    Maybe because it was in the wet, but that guy seemed to be a pretty tentative driver .. what .. shift at 3500? No rev matching .. maybe trying to impress his passenger? Gotta focus completely in the rain.
  4. Mike328

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    The problem is quite clearly that he had his driver side heater blower fan motor on, as evidenced by the amber warning light on the fascia. This motor effected a gyroscopic force on the left front of the car, where the motor is located, which was not balanced by the passenger side blower motor, resulting in the spin you saw.

    Or, he did a huge no-no and did not match revs on a downshift, in the middle of a turn, and subsequently lost traction on the rear tires... back end came right around/
  5. ProCoach

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    Ding, ding, ding! We've got a WINNER! :D

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