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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Bronco Jr, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Hello all,

    I have a question regarding my 328 oil system…

    I check the oil every week or so, in the garage before starting the car. On Saturday I noticed it was getting low so decided to add a little. I rang Verdi who last serviced the car and asked about which oil they had used, 5W40 fully synthetic they said, no problem.

    Got the oil went back home and checked the level again. Nothing, not even registering on the dipstick. Having picked myself up off the floor I started to wonder why this had happened.

    I’m guessing the oil had drained out of the filter into the sump whilst standing for a couple of days giving me the reading on the dipstick. Having started the car the filter was then filled taking oil from the sump and reducing the level. Oil pressure has always been good and the car has only covered 1000 miles since its last service.

    So questions,

    1.Is this normal

    2.Is my filter knackered (I’m guessing there should be a check valve to stop the filter draining)

    3.If it is normal then in what condition should the oil be checked (filter full or empty)

    4.Is 5W40 fully synthetic the best oil for the car.

    Sorry I’m being a bit of a numpty but haven’t had the car long and it’s my first Ferrari, so I want to be sure I doing everything right

    Thanks in advance
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    On Ferraris it is crucial that you check the oil level as stated in the manual. On a 328 you should not be checking the level when cold before you start the car. If you do this you will register a higher oil level than when it is hot and checked as per manual. The manual states that the oil level should be checked when fully warm and after the engine has been shutdown for a few minutes. I check mine after every run and at exactly 2 minutes after shutdown. I notice that if you leave it longer then 2 mins then the level will rise, but this is normal. The key issue is to check it as per manual and at the same point each time so you have consistancy of oil levels for comparison.


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