328 Throttle Cable replacement procedure

Discussion in '308/328' started by santacruzn, Apr 24, 2009.

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    Bill Grace

    I just replaced the throttle cable on my 328. I searched this forum and could not find one specific to the 328. I suspect that a 308 QV would be similar. The procedure follows;

    328 Throttle Cable Replacement


    1. Remove the oil filter and cover opening.
    2. Remove the valve cover crossover pipe.
    3. Remove the coupling from throttle by removing cotter pin and backing the screw out. Remove coupling and nut from the cable,
    4. Loosen cable-collar end lock nut and remove threaded collar from fuel injection dog house. Note this is extremely tight but I was able to use an open-end 13 mm box to accomplish this.
    5. In the car, remove front section covering tunnel (in front of console).
    6. Lift carpeting and remove plastic shroud surrounding gas pedal.
    7. Loosen throttle cable nut and remove threaded cable end from gas pedal linkage. Remove the cable lock nut.
    8. From the engine end, remove cable and rubber housing it goes into from the eyelet on the front valve cover. This will facilitate removal of old and installation of new cable.
    9. You should be able to pull the old cable out now.


    1. Push new cable through the rubber housing. It will wind up on the floor because the rubber housing goes into a metal tube that ends at the bottom of the firewall.
    2. NOTE: The new cable I received from T. Rutlands had a hex collar on the gas pedal end that my old cable did not have. I had to grind the hex corners off and reduce the size in order for it to fit past the end of the interior metal tube by the gas pedal.
    3. Jack the driver’s side rear up and push the cable lying on the floor through the metal tube about 12 inches in front of the metal tube at the bottom of the firewall. There is about 12 to 14 inches of the throttle cable that is unprotected on the bottom of the car.
    4. Now at the gas pedal you should be able to grab the threaded end of the cable, pull it out some, and screw it back onto the throttle linkage (don’t forget the cable lock nut!).
    5. Back at the engine feed the throttle cable and rubber housing through the guide eyelet on the front valve cover.
    6. Contort yourself once again and screw the threaded end back into the fuel injected doghouse and tighten the lock nut.
    7. Replace the nut and coupling on the engine end and tighten the end screw.
    8. You should at this time verify that you achieve full throttle when the gas pedal hits its stop. Adjust as necessary.
    9. Re-install the oil filter and valve cover pipe in the engine compartment.
    10. Re-install the plastic gas pedal shroud and tunnel cover.
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  3. CliffBeer

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    Apr 3, 2005
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    Just did replaced the throttle cable on my 308 - seems similar but different in some ways for a 308. On a 308 there is a) a 4" X 8" access panel from below underneath the throttle pedal from which is it very easy to release and connect that end - much easier than from above through the cabin. Also, on a 308 there is a 3" rubber plug (also accessed from underneath, approx. two feet farther to the rear) through which you must access the end of the metal tube so that you can feed the unsheethed pedal-end of the cable through the rubber grommet, also at the end of the metal tube. There's no way you'll get the end of the cable through without opening up that rubber access plug.

    It's a whole lot easier to replace the cable if you can get the car on a lift and do most of the work from underneath.
  4. ramosel

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    R Moseley
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    Cliff and Bill, thanks for this "heads up" on the 308 cable replacement. With all this advise, the only problem I encountered was that the ferrel came off and stayed in the end of the tube when I tugged on the old throttle cable sleeve. I just dug it out and after measuring the new ferrel end I reamed/cleaned the seat hole with a P drill bit. Since the entry is steel, I cleaned the whole area up and slathered on some POR-15. So while the paint is drying I came up the the PC to say thanks!!

    I might add that once the new cable is in, I may seal the whole cable entry area with some silicon or brush on seam sealer to keep that area dry in the future. I think the old ferrel was just corroded in place over time.

  5. fastfred

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    fred pedersen
    i also think this is a good write up and a good heads up on what to expect, as I'm waiting for my cable to come now from Rutland's so i can get behind the wheel of my 328 again....(.i know i should have overnighted it instead of ground shipping)...

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