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    May 4, 2008
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    victor preisler
    I am looking for a complete air conditioning system for a 330 GTC. So far I have located a compressor but I need to find out if it is correct. If someone would be willing to send me a picture of the compressor showing the part number etc., I sure would appreciate it. If anyone knows where I can find a system or parts of it, that would be nice too :).
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  2. svprice810

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    May 4, 2008
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    victor preisler
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    Steve Markowski
    I have made a few A/C systems for GTC. The easy stuff is the compressor and condenser but it is difficult to locate the correct hose ends and evaporator. I can provide you a complete system that looks original (except for the hose ends, slightly different) with an evaporator that is "bolt in". I had an original evaporator and made a copy of it and located a core to work inside the housing.

    You will never find the vent/switches, i am thinking of re-making them soon as they are often broken on A/C equipped cars anyway. On the last car i set up, the switches were located under the dash.
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    Aug 4, 2004

    I have heard many good things about your shop and quality of work. In fact when I was rebuilding the engine and other systems in my car my local shop conversed with you - I believe more than once.

    One of the systems I modified was the a/c system. Although I know how many feel about originality I used a Sanden rotary compressor, a larger GMAC condensing unit [matching the width of the radiator] and an MB E-class vent fan motor for more velocity. The fan motor is an easy swap out of the Lucas unit. Since it is in the dash no one will know the difference. The others required some bracket work. And naturally I kept all of the original components in the event I ever part w/ the car [not likely].

    I did all of these mods since I my car is a driver and not a show car. And I live in FL where airconditioning is crucial to extend the driving season.

    To the should consider contacting Steve at RPM for parts and help. They are a class operation for Ferrari and other restoration work.
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    The York compressor's used in these A/C systems were not made by Ferrari but sourced from off-the-shelf items by York, hence their universal mount makes them easy to confirm the fit. When I installed it in my Maserati Bora, it attached with 9 bolts across all three axis (overkill IMHO) but each bolt lined up with the brackets and mounts perfectly. What you'll need to know is if you want the suction on the Right or the Left.

    I've purchased three for my cars, installed one in my Maserati Bora, one in my Dino and the third was supposed to go for a friend who sold his car before installing it, so I have a spare extra. It is new, in box, production date June of 2009, never mounted or used, only taken out of the box for this photo. $350 + shipping. Comparably, a friend paid $550 for rebuilding his original York.

    Its far improved from the original, heavy duty rotolock dessign producing 40% higher cfm, uses improved viton seals, and is compatible with R-12, R-22, R-134a and others. Contact me offline if interested
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    Jun 16, 2015
    Hi there, I know this thread is quite old, but wanted to see if it was still possible to have an A/C system made for a '67 330 GTC?
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    Tex Timberlake
    See #3 above. Steve Markowski has just completely reworked the a/c in my Daytona to my complete satisfaction.

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